In The Realm Of The Faeries

Since I was A small child I have had abilities that I could not understand.I have communications with persons who have left this plane for the next.
I have psychic experiences involving seeing future events. And sadly and most confusing,precognition of death.I have also been a conduit between the dying and their loved ones.
This has been a part of who I an since I was just a small child.I do not know what these gifts are meant to do for me or the others involved.
I have discovered though that life changes its face constantly, there is no permanent situation.Living with the constant reminder of death around me, I have learned to respect exceptions.
I have also found that I can be an aid for the dying and their loved ones during and after the process of passing on.
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I too noticed this whne small but I called it (not knowing it was psychicness) or rather describing it as 'it's in the day/s or numbers,i can tell & smell it! I also have trelekinesis & precognitions dreams (of what’s going to happen) as well as astral traveling see my stories in the paranormal I wrote about my experience w/that. It’s something I thought wasn’t normal b/c no spoke about it & those who did were labeled weird, abnormal etc…

I also have a story ‘SLEEPING MAN IN MY BED’ you should read. Now it’s all treated as a joke & they are making it a financial gain one way is celebrities using this as a way to be seen, they sure are soaking it for all it’s worth by telling their bogus edited version of what didn’t happened to them for freaking gain! It’s sickens me, yea sum did have these experiences, but c’mon a few yrs ago they’d all call us CrAzY for saying the same thing!

Dancing w/the stars? where do u think they got that from? Ballroom dancing they stole of us little people as in all things we do even politics they SELL US OUT WITH! BASTURDS! Lol.. ‘really ucking gull of them! I get angry & radio's & eletric appliances turn on etc...sum have it even stronger. Don't care who doesn't believe, my exsperiences are proof e'nuff for me! They'd want more anyway so i'm not given a shitz!
Those of u w/telekinesis raise my hand. tee hee he*