American Heritage,with New Angel Contacts

This all started a few years back in March of 2009, I started to meditate after reading several Sylvia Brown Books. I have always believed in reincarnation, but never new how to contact my guardian angels. Yes ,we have more than one. After several days ,or a week or two I finally asked my angel guide to tell me her name while I was sleeping, and my mind was more receptive.Finally she did, and her name is Shannon. How I was tols is a very odd and interesting in itself, but needless to say ,she let me know . After that I started to get very cryptic messages. I consulted a medium, and was told at the beginning it is usual for thoughts and contacts to be cryptic.
Some messages were only one ,two,three words, with a feeling of dread or fear included. One incident that I will never forget was later on in 2009.
From about April on, I ket getting this message of 809 and I did not know what it meant, but fear was in the message. Was it a time 8:09 am or pm, ,,was it Aug of 09 , was it a code, what ever I was unclear. Every morning ,and evening as 8:09 approached I became worried, Maybe I would have an accident on the way to work.? Well when August came to be I found out the dreaded clue was not a good one.
My daughter's beau totaled his car, my sister's husband lost his job,, and the worst was on the 23rd, when my little hairless yorkie Kojack was taken from me,,and I stil get teary over this. He just disapeared while I napped. He was in the yard, with my other yorkie, and he just disappeared from site. I never did find out what happened, but stil am saddened when August 23 comes around.
Now clues hints, and messages come much more easily. People from the other side just pop into my head with messages. Sometimnes for me, and sometimes for others,
I was even told how I am going to die. Not when ,,but how ,,in a round about way.
I hope to be able to talk with others who can communicate with the other side. I have also been able to do rune stones for others ,,with very accurate results. Where I go from here I do not know.
I have seen a portrait of the lord change, from one day to the next,an epiphany of sorts. So I wish who ever helo and would love to exchange conversations. liz
lizogle1 lizogle1
61-65, F
Jul 17, 2012