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My husband often quotes the famous, "It's not what I don't know, it's what I'm absolutely certain of that gets me into trouble", or however it goes. I'm sure I have posted about this somewhere else, but I don't remember. I do have psychic abilities, but I also have a slight case of paranoia and alot of the times I can't tell the difference so I don't listen to myself. But Behold! Things actually happen the way I saw it before hand and I wish I had listened. It rips me into two people because on one hand, I just can't believe that would actually happen, and on the other I am quite certain it's true because everytime I've had this feeling I find out that I was right. Yet still I deny it by telling myself that just because it happened before doesn't mean its happening this time. And even further in, I tell myself how stupid I am for not listening. And also how horrible I will feel if I'm wrong. So I just sit back and wait to see what happens. I wish I could be more sure. My brain is a confusing place.
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My High Priestess taught me to listen to my own psychic feelings. They are accurate more often than not. When in doubt, use a pendulum or some other tools to improve your accuracy. It can save you, or give you opportunity.

Yes, I know its easy to second guess yourself. I've done that too.

That's crazy, because what you described is exactly me. I can't tell between true feelings and anxiety, so I just don't listen to either. Otherwise, I would be confused all the time. Usually, I just wait to see "who" was right. LOL

I am confused most of the time. Lol