I Don't Know What To Do!!

I'm a psychic since I remember.
I can see ghosts, feel them, hear and talk to them.
Where ever I go I'm like a ghosts magnet as my sister says who's 13 and can do few things on her own too. Sometimes where I have a visions I can bring a ghosts who was in that vision.
Sometimes I can even see things from my past that I can't remember because I was probably like 2 years old. At once I was only joke with my sister about future telling and asked her to ask me a question and by holding her palm and looking in her eyes I will tell her answer which was 6 months ago. She asked me when her periods will start which was weird question but okay I did it. I told her it will before the 7 year old sister's birthday which are 17 august. As I said I was only joking with that because I thought that I couldn't do it and on 9 august she got it. There are lots of other things I can do and I don't want to share it yet. As you can see I'm psychic and not scared to be. Unfortunately there is something I always wanted to do but never got my guts to do it so, which is tell mum. My grandad 2 years ago R.I.P :( he showed up lately a lot in my dreams. He tried to tell me something that I need to tell my mum. Which is that he loves her and to start to talk to auntie again (they don't talk much unless one of them need something from another they argued a lot before). Now I need to tell this my mum but she knows nothing about my secret. Every time I'm trying to do it I don't because of the fear that she won't believe me. How to tell her to not freak her out????
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

How do you think your mum will react? Silly question I guess as how do we ever know how someone will react. What are her views on the situation? Is she religious? I have always found the best approach is to gently introduce a topic, plant a seed. For example talk to her about energy or psychic ability. And just throw a comment in like "sometimes I get a feeling about things and then they come true". See how she reacts to this. Good luck.

I might try that one because I don't want to freak her out and sometimes even I got freak out about what I can do or see. I think she lost faith 2 years ago because we lost a very important person. She was keep saying it things like " why did you took him??" and now I can feel it that she don't think that God exists because she things he could safe grandad R.I.P.