Soul Reader

I've kinda call myself a soul reader
(not in public lol)

I've always been able to feel a persons soul, or moral core whatever we wanna call just by looking at them even I've they try to turn away.

Mom wanted me to meet this guy she was kinda into so I agreed in a quick meeting on our way back to her house, the guy was good looking but I got an uneasy feeling around him his aura felt "different" and I told her I don't trust him and to leave it alone, she just told me to "shut up" but I had to keep pressing it, I said I sensed his head more than I sensed his body which has never happened I either feel your while being or nothing, not just parts of you.

After about a week I was reflecting on what I felt and almost like reading a book this information came to me.

I knew his thoughts were distorted I just couldn't get a clear view, kinda got nervous I had the slightest feeling he knew I was probing around.

I knew he had done something bad to a woman but could tell exactly what but I did know he has laid hands on a woman in anger.

I knew he's rough, choking, biting or holding you down

Deep kissed almost too much

I knew he gets scary attached

I told mom all I knew, felt, my feelings during my quick reading. With eyes wide open she asked did I tell you he was rough lol

Thankfully mom finally listened to me. Later we found out he's supposed to be taking heavy anti psychotics and raped a girl when he was a teenager and was arrested multiple times for hitting his girl friend

So glad I got a read on this guy before anything bad happen
Corry90799 Corry90799
Oct 28, 2012