my hole life i could see things that other people say are not there i dream things that have happed people say im a freak im scared am i crazy why do i have this curse plz some one help me
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Hey, I'm like you. Feel free to add me or message me with questions or if you just want to talk! It would be helpful to talk to someone your own age. We can help each other through this!

but i never asked for this gift people think im crazy i have no one to hold me and tell me im alright im scared all i have is this crazy guy who says he can help me and with his help we will change the world

dude ur not cursed everyone is psychic in their own weird way like me, i also have dreams tht happen the next day or weeks later...and u cant make it stop it just comes to u...and besides we are all spiritual beings put inside physical bodies god created us so dont worry it aint a curse..-_- consider it a gift :P are not cursed, everyone is somewhat psychic, because everyone come from heaven. (at least i hope so)

it is a curse i never asked for this i want it to stop

You don't ask for it its a part of you. Would you ask to breath? Or to Taste? Smell? Touch?
I would like to personal message you if you're still scared and need help. I've been there.


I messaged you :3

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