I'm Looking For Others Like Me.

I have had an interesting journey to get to where I am now. And I'm still learning of course. When I was very little I used to point and say kitty or puppy but my mother and father never saw anything. When I was 7 I heard voices in my old house. It scared me, and finally we moved. And that is when I heard a voice telling me to turn off the lights, long story short I communicate to animals (sometimes insects to) I've had animals flock to me some how knowing. I went on a walk on vacation with a friend and horses busted up gates to nuzzle me, bats at a park one summer night circled my head. Saying things like "oh hello there. Welcome to our corner of the universe" other animals are not so welcoming claiming humans who can communicate are a myth. the more I talk the more my abilities expand. I frequently talk to my spirit guid, other spirits, see energy, can feel and see people or animals who have touched objects I'm touching, feel energy in a object, and I have always had clervoyence and metaphorphis dreams.
But, I'm writing this because although I've met other pyhscics I've never met another person who can communicate with animals.although a old bear at a zoo a few years a go told me he had met one other.
Please comment if you can do this I would live to talk.
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Your gift is so amazing, definitely develop that! I can feel connections with animals, but being able to talk with them is extremely rare and special! God bless.

You have a connection to them that is amazing. I have a connection with animals but I feel what they feel I wish I could talk to them. You have a gift that is unimaginable to anyone who hasn't felt or seen what you have and I feel the same in my life. My gift is more of a strong link with my guide kaiden. I can see through the masks that people and organizations wear. I can also feel an manipulate the emotions in a group of people. But noone knows because I don'ttell anyone out of fear. You have a gift an amazing one at that, work to strengthen your bond with youre guide and strengthen your ability to manifest their voices. You would be perfect at any job involving animals. Best of luck to you in your journey.

Wow thank you for your response! :)
I have been growing my relationship with my guid and there have been a few times where I have planted a thought in some ones head and also manipulated there energy but I don't practice that because its kinda freaky XD

I'm happy to hear. I know what you mean. Lol imagine having a friend who has the same abilities yet uses them for his own good. So to balance his influence over our close friends I have to in plant the opposite energy than his negative me me me look at me energy. Its never a good idea to plant emotions or feelings unless its to counteract someones negative energy. Manipulation works the same. Things is manipulating someone will always happen since we all influence each other so much. Its not bad to practice that you just need to have the right understanding of balance when you use it. :)

In other words practice manipulating everyone's energy to being happy. :) do the same with the animals too so both will wish to be around you and that would just make you a beacon of happiness. Which I'd say is a very good thing to be lol

That is amazing beyond belief.

Why thank you ^.^