I'm not totally sure if I have psychic abilities or not, but I joined this group anyway because there is a history of it in my family, and I certainly have had quite a few experiences which lead me to wonder about this.
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What type of experiences have you had in the past? I probably couldn't tell you much about psychic stuff but I am curious about the experiences you had just to kinda compare to a few that I can recall.

I would think about something like my friends going to see a movie, and then later I would get notice that my friends actually were going to a movie. They were even the same friends and movie I had been thinking of. Sometimes these notices would happen in less than 5 minutes after my thought[s] which were related to them . Something similar to this also happened with a song while I was sitting in IKEA....there was music in the background but I'd felt like singing a different song by a different artist. Lo and behold, that exact song came on after the one that had been playing. I have more experiences like these than I can count with both hands.

I get what your saying, to me it sounds like you can see in the future without a doubt that's one of the many things I can do naturally.