My Powers Disappeared

Well, I first discovered them when I was 15. A few months after. If you want to know the specifics message me but it was awesome. My powers grew and grew and grew until it was like cutting cake and one day..... it's all gone. I stopped activly uing and practicing for awhile but this is strange. Any else expirience this?
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Listen, Mr. Shark.

I first thought I had "powers" after a bullshit role play a friend told me. I realized that was all crap. Not real. Delusional. I didn't believe I really had any in the first place. But the thing is, since I did that something has been different. More and more often, I know things that I shouldn't. Secrets of friends, when someone is going to call me, what someone is going to say. I also frequently know what is on someones mind by talking to them in person or even online. These all fade in and out. There's more too, but you wouldn't believe me anyways.
It all started one day when I was at the movies. A light above me kept flickering when I looked at it. Then, a security guard came over to me and yelled at me for kissing my girlfriend at the time. When the security guard came over an apologized I was not expecting that. My only thought was.... did I do that? So I tried to do something similar with a friend. I would, without doing anything, sit there and try to influence their emotions. I wouldn't tell them what I was trying to make them feel because I didn't want their minds to trick them. Guess what? about 7 or 8 out of ten times it worked.
That could not have been coincidence. So I started doing some research, looking online for a rational explanation but there was none. Something was different about me after that silly role play which, I know, was just fantasy. But this was real. I eventually learned that almost anyone can do it, and it is like playing an instrument. It's like a muscle. If you practice it gets better if you don't you get worse.
I cannot tell you how many times I questioned if I was sane. The things I could do were real. I tested and proved it all to myself over and over again. But one day it all just went away, and I have no idea how or why. I don't know why you're here, criticizing me for something I struggle with. You want me to outline these "powers"? In essence, I had persuasion over the human mind and understanding at a level that I never could before. I don't think I'm special and honestly I think most people could do this. Please try and me a bit more open and not label me as a loon for something I did by trial and error, proving it through scientific ways.

In all, I'm not crazy. I'm just looking for answers,

Dear Nemo (aka Darkshark)

Wow, I never thought I'd see you here again.  I thought you were just cruising through (maybe after a few drinks).  Now I see that you actually want to express nagging concerns you have on the topic of psychic ability.  You are really snarky, but I don't mind that much.  

I see that the word "power" used by the original post really rubs you the wrong way.  Actual psychic people don't have any power over others.  You don't need to worry about some arch villain rising up to destroy society.  I think the psychic posters here are misspeaking.  Maybe younger people are googoo-eyed, thinking they can do something that others can't.  Maybe they've read too many fairy tales about mystical beings and exciting adventures, magic beans, so to speak.

It would be better to compare psychic ability to singing.  It can be called a gift you are born with.  It can be referred to as a skill.  Practice does make it better, if you have any talent to begin with.  But power?  To do what?

I don't believe there will ever be a psychic person who will ever represent a threat to other people.  People with a particular psychic skill called "luck" can be a threat to casinos, but certainly not to other people.

Back to what's rubbing me the wrong way about what you are doing.  Your comments sound mean-spirited and cruel.  Whether you are conversing with actual psychics, or just a combination of crazy people and young hopefuls, you still need to show kindness.

My dad has Alzheimer's, and he is now deluded most of the time.  But I can't imagine anyone mocking or bullying him.  So what's the payoff for you?

Also, you may recall in my previous post to you, how I am frustrated by the "gypsy tell you fortune" crap that is flooding the Internet, completely drowning out the voices of ordinary people who just wanted to talk to their own kind.

There's this show on in the U.S. (I'm assuming you're from somewhere in Britain because of your use of the word "whilst") called "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding", which follows American and Irish gypsies as they plan spectacular weddings for their daughters.  It's like the cornerstone of their traditions.

Anyway, there was one episode where a mother explained that all gypsies are psychic, and this is the primary way that gypsy women bring money in.  Then, she proceeded to show how she was grooming her very young daughters to become psychics.  

Two things were happening.  First, the children were learning the trappings of fortune telling, such as tarot cards, incense, proper behavior to convince people that they were psychic, and so on.

The second thing that was happening was that these very young children were being systematically brainwashed to believe they were psychic.  This way, when they became adults, they would truly believe in themselves, so that they could pull off a seamless con on unsuspecting customers.

For every one actual psychic, I believe there are thousands, even millions of fake psychics.  This is why I do agree in large part with vocal skeptics warning people not to believe.  It is the only way to protect people from this avalanche of fake psychics out there, ready to fleece customers of all their money.

So, as a general rule, your position is acceptable.  I've always felt very sad that this maelstrom of con artists has flooded every means of communication which would otherwise be available to the much smaller group of actual psychics.

I only found this board several weeks ago.  I was just stunned to see that it even exists.  "Experience Project" or "EP" is actually not a message board for psychics.  EP is a formula, like Google.  The comments are automatically sorted according to topic.  The "message boards" grow out of this organizing step.  

The EP websites are building themselves.  They are being produced organically by the people participating as "members".  See what's happened?  EP has been able to navigate through all the garbage on the Internet to create a pristine final product.  I googled EP and it says this is the next big Face Book.  Essentially, people have grown tired of putting all their personal information on a site.  They are looking for a veil of privacy.  EP provides that privacy in spades.  You can delete your posts at any time.  You can shield your personal information in various ways.  EP wants you to find your own odd little group, and join their community.

This is why you are suddenly seeing these "just psychics-not con artists" cropping up.  All the things you have been taught about the non-existence of real psychics---put all that aside when viewing this site.  This is a very, very new phenomenon.

Even I have to weed through this site, to eliminate people who may be mentally ill or who are just kids playing "black magic".  What I've figured out already (I just found this site several weeks ago) is that psychics can recognize each other through common behaviors and ideas.  I won't elaborate only because this wouldn't be relevant to you (right?).

Just to clarify, psychic abilities are natural, not "supernatural".  And they're definitely not "divine" (although if I were Catholic, I might feel otherwise.  They see Jesus in potato chips).

PBS (I think) did a special about ten years ago (back when you were in grade school).  They set up a double blind study, completely authentic and empirical.  They tested dogs.  For some reason, dogs know when their owner is coming home.  The owner can be miles away, far out of reach of sound or anything else a dog could sense with.

The dog would begin its ritual of pacing and getting excited as the owner walked out to his  car at his place of work.  Now the question became "is this just because the dog knows it's about time for the owner to come home?"  So the researchers added the element of surprise.  The owner left during the work day at various times.  Still, the dog began pacing and whining as soon as the owner walked out to his car.

Maybe this is a less threatening example of psychic ability for you.  It's just a dog.  What harm can it do?  Plus, the dog doesn't engage in agonizing assessments on whether it's psychic or not.  It just does its dog thing.

I checked through your post to see if I missed anything (relevant) and I guess you blew right past my comment on Einstein.  Einstein believed premonitions fit into his analysis of time and space.  He's a scientist, right?  Wait, no---he's the greatest scientist of all time.

I've been a news junkie for fifty years.  I remember listening to Eleanor Roosevelt on the radio.  To me, it sounds like you have only a rudimentary grasp on the nature of news.  I think it would take too long to bring you up to speed, but I'll try a few points.

Did you ever see the movie "Wag the Dog"?  It has Dustin Hoffman and Robert Dinero in it.  This would be a good movie for you to watch, because it shows how packaged and controlled "news" can be.  And there's no "just news".  There's left wing, right wing, labor, scientific, humanitarian, community, world, Hollywood, fake (The Onion or Glen Beck), non-profit, infotainment, slander/libel, religious, parroting your parents' views, global warming, fashion, Highlights Magazine (for children), political, war and conflict (small war), Baby Boomer, Generation X, Generation Next, okay, that's enough, although I'm tempted to go on for several more paragraphs.

When I was college, I used to meet up with my lab partner for morning coffee.  The first time he explained that most American news is just propaganda, I remember feeling like I had been kicked by a mule (I was your age, except it was forty years ago).

Also, two of my college majors were Humanities and English Literature.  Humanities was a fascinating way to study human culture.  They would take a period like Baroque or Rococo, and then show how art, philosophy, politics, even the understanding of the human brain, were all interwoven during that period.  During the industrial revolution, the brain was a machine.  During the computer age the brain was a computer.

I found out as an English major, that "fiction" aka literature, held the greatest truths of the human condition.  Junk fiction can be quite meaningless, but classics are classics because they contain such valuable information about what it means to be human.  Another function of literature is to express opinions that might be too forward-thinking to be accepted as non-fiction treatises.

Oh, by the way, one of my majors in college was Psychology.  It was no walk in the park because the department was ranked the fifth in the nation.  That meant all our classes were flooded with brilliant graduate students, so the curve was pulled way up.

I actually met B.F. Skinner, the father of modern (behavioral) psychology. I just sat down in the front row watching people talk to him because I was too shy to approach him.  But what a moment.

There's no such thing as "right minded" thinking.  That is just a turn of phrase.  God help you if you believe you must think in a right way.

Your idea that doctors are the ultimate authority regarding the human mind reflects a very simplistic understanding of modern medicine.  Neurologists and psychiatrists would be the first ones to tell you that their practice does not go much beyond administering medication.  Also, people with true mental illness, such as schizophrenia and manic-depression, lead very difficult lives.  They are terribly disabled by their disease.  There's just no comparison between mentally ill persons and psychic persons.  They are dramatically different.

Finally (thank God; this is a lot of work), if you click on my icon, you can go to a page that lists my other posts.  I think you would enjoy reading them.  I would like to see you broaden your horizons.  I will be 57 in two months, which means I have been around for three of your lifetimes.  You have a long road ahead of you, and your opinions on many things will change back and forth over the years.

Another movie to watch is "The Sixth Sense".  I was riveted the first time I saw it, not because I see dead people (I don't), but because it captured the sometimes dreadful fear that psychics experience.  As my mom said the other day "why on earth would anyone want to be psychic?  It's scary and unsettling".  (my mom is psychic, her mom was psychic, and so on.)

If you want to find people to discredit, back out of the "psychic" section and look at some of the other groups who are organically forming.  For example, one group are all raving misanthropes.  They hate the entire human race with a passion and consider all humans to be parasites.  Now that's a group I would be a little concerned about.

So, swim along little Nemo.  There's a great big ocean out there to explore.

I've commented so much on this thread, I might as well come up and say hello to you.  Yes, psychic abilities come and go and come again.  Periods of high stress can stimulate psychic awareness.  Close relationships can create a psychic bond, most commonly experienced with the "I knew you were going to call" phone call.

Also, I think most psychics have internal mechanisms which quiet or suppress psychic abilities.  I believe it is because we are barely evolved enough to manage our mental powers.  Psychic activity can be like burning the candle at both ends.  It can be overwhelming.

So don't be worried that you are going through a quiet time.  This is good mental rest.

Try a game I and a psychic friend of mine play.  We call it the parking lot game.  Drive into any mega-store parking lot and drive directly to the best parking spot available.  You can't look for it visually, because that would be cheating.  You just drive right up there like it's your own reserved spot. "Poof", there it will be.  This game is a good way to exercise your psychic abilities without feeling anxious.  It will also gauge how psychically active you are at present.

Hope this helps.

Don't listen to him. He really has no idea. Anyways, I have had times where my psychic abilities were almost nil and times when they were strong. I have had times when they shut down for around a year or so. Since they don't really help in any signifigant way, I wouldn't worry too much that your psychic skills aren't working. If you have ever watched Medium, she had a few times when she lost her abilities too.

Thank you very much