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I have a few psychic abilities, although I can't control the majority of them. They happen on their own.

The first one I noticed was that I can predict a TV show I watch the next day. I just get a little snippet that is so random that it can be from any episode, but when I see it the next day, I recognize it. This has happened every day since I can remember. It's cool at first but now it's pointless to me. I can't control it, though, it just happens. So it continues.

The second one I noticed was that I dream what's going to happen the next day or week or month, sometimes the next year. I've dreamt out my entire day the night before. It's not just "deja vu," I can remember when I dreamed about it. Sometimes it's a lot of details and sometime it's only a second or two.

The third one I realized I can't control at all. I don't even know when it happens until much later. It's called retrocognition, I believe. I'll suddenly "know" something about a person's past just by looking at them. And it's like they told it to me, so I remember it. However, it can be rather awkward when I bring it up to them and they know they've never told me that. I've had to tell a few people about my psychic abilities after that happened.

And the last one I can control, but it's not as strong as it could be. I'm clairvoyant with rain. Nothing else, just rain. I've always had a connection with it. It actually feels like a part of me. Even if it's a sunny day I could tell you if it was going to rain later on. However, it has to be on that day, and where I am. That's why I say it could be stronger. But it's always accurate. I'd like to think that if I worked to make it stronger, I could eventually learn to summon it. It does feel like a part of me, after all. I reckon it'd be similar to making myself cry. Summon the emotion and eventually you get tears. For this, I'd just have to summon the energy and power, build it up, and it will rain.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Wow, I have the TV one and the "Reading People" one. Maybe we share some common ancestry.

It is frustrating to not be able to control it, isn't it? It is also so confusing at times. I used to say I have all this psychic knowledge, but it's useless knowledge. It's not like you change anything by knowing. I however, am still glad I have the gift, even if I can't control it.