I have seen things in my mind since I was very young. I have had visions. One day, I was playing with my friend Allison and Wendy, at Wendy's house. I think I was in 3rd grade. I was supposed to be home for dinner at 5:00 p.m. We were playing, and all of a sudden, I felt weird, and I had a vision of a weird guy walking. So, I lied to my friends, and told them I had to be home at 4:30 p.m. The next day at the bus stop, Alli told me that she had seen a man walking behind her as she walked home for dinner and she believed that he was following her. She had been walking, she saw the guy, and so she sped up. So, he sped up. She ended up running home, and he had practically chased her. I asked her to describe him and she said he had long hair, just like I had seen in my vision. To tell this story doesn't seem real. One time my exboyfriend cheated on me, and again, I had a vision of what the girl looked like. She was short, with a skirt on, and she had short brown hair. He had come home with a hickey on his neck. It was a girl he had been dancing with at the club. When I described the girl he had cheated on me with, he started saying that I had gone to the club and spied on him. I never did, I just saw her in my mind. I had a best friend named Sandy. We used to have the same dreams. We were both thinking that one of her friends, named Pete, had been smoking a lot of pot, and had discussed it. That night, I dreamt that Pete's hair had grown long and that he was dressed in a groovy hippie outfit from the seventies and was smoking pot. The next day, Sandy started to tell me about the dream, and our dreams were identical! The night Susan Atkins died, who was one of the members of the Manson clan, I had a dream that Charles Manson held a seance, and I was part of it. We had to hold hands, and close our eyes. When I opened my eyes, this tall guy with curly reddish brown hair, and with skintight olive green pants, was standing over me with a hammer. Charles Manson ordered him to kill me. I looked it up online and Charles Manson did write a song when he was younger about a silver hammer. Also, there was one guy in his clan, named Tex. I'm sure there are more experiences, which I can add later, but you get the gist of it. Does being psychic help you in any way? Not really. Well, I guess I take that back. I wasn't killed by the first guy in my story, so sometimes it does. But, usually it doesn't protect you or help you. Like you can't change the course of events. So, if you see something bad it's going to happen. Like when I saw myself getting fired from a job I had for six years. Everything went down exactly like I had seen in my mind. It's also difficult when you absorb other people's energy, and you get in to a bad mood for absolutely no reason when you were fine when you were alone an hour before. The person can be faking that they are in a good mood, but unfortunately, an empath will pick up the bad energy anyway. Besides visions and empathy, I have also seen ghosts a few times, and only a few times, thank God! Who wants to see a ghost, really? Ghosts are scary. I don't want anyone or anything watching me. Demons are even scarier. I've only seen those a few times in my dreams. They pretty much looked like the demons in the devil's advocate movie, only much scarier. I have not really had many psychic experiences in quite a while, and it never was a daily thing. More like an occasional occurrence. Sometimes I can force my mind to focus and work, but it is pretty exhausting. It takes a great deal of concentration and energy. Also, life is better when it's just a surprise. Sometimes I won't give people a chance when I really should because I think that my "feelings" are right and that I might get hurt. Many times my intuition is right, but it has been dead wrong. It's not a guaranteed thing. It's not like being a human lie detector. The only way to find out is to get to know someone and go from there. Thanks for reading!
Starbukkslady Starbukkslady
41-45, F
Jan 16, 2013