Seeing In The Future

People who are able to see into the future we have a wonderful gift that can be used for so much good. In some instances people may use it for something that could hurt another individual and others may not do that. But I think the fact that we have this ability is something that we just can't let fall in the back of our minds cause we don't understand it. I maybe new to the notion of knowing I've had these gifts all my life but I never noticed them cause I thought it was something else and choose not to pursue it. But life is full experiences so in this case it's better late then never.
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yeah :) how old was you when u found out that you had these abilities ? I got the same abilitiy as you :) and i use it to save people that are close to death :) i once saw my own death, it was scary, but thanks to that im still alive! i found out this when i was 13-14.

Honestly I wasn't fully aware until after I turned 21.

ohh, but still its earlier than the most of the people i've speaked with on this site :) how does it work on you? do u get pics in your head or voices ?

I get both actually but it probably has to deal with the fact that when it started happening when I was like 13 or 14 I kind of blew it off because I just thought they were weird dreams.

same with me, only i didn't blew it of because i found it interesting, and i wanted to know more about it, i already was little bit into it from tv shows, that's why i decided to look deeper into it, and i don't regret it! because its amazing :D

I've always been interested in it I just never thought that it would be something that would happen to me and that it was something only in movies and tv shows.

it was my tought too, but then i thinked about, how little of the sea the human kind have searched, its not many percent.

So then i tought that there have to be much things we dont know about on land too, and that if this was real, anything can be real.

So im really open minded about what could be around in this world.

Because we with this abilities are what they would call "superhumans" so if there is people like us, there is other things to, but that is my toughts! :)

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I'd say go for it! ^^