I Think Im An Empath Among Other Things

I am 27 years old and everyday my abilities get stronger. I need help and information. For as long as I can remember i've been able to feel other peoples emotions. At times its too strong and too much for me to handle. I cant be around a lot of people at once because it makes me physically ill. Ive had dreams that have come true, ive had experiences where i got dizzy,sick, and paniced because i knew bad things were happening to people i know at that exact moment when i was 30 miles away. Some people accept me and believe me while others think im crazy or posessed. I was raised pentecostal and taught that any experience like that was that of the devil. I dont understand things that happen to me. Sometimes i hear people talking to me when im the only one home. Ive been having nightmares where my head feels like its going to explode, my ears are buzzing, and i can feel someone on my chest squeezing my head but i know im dreaming and i scream at myself to wake up. When i wake up im soaking wet and freezing and i can feel something in the room with me. I can even feel the energy in the room change. Ive been touched by cold fingers , ive been paralyzed and unable to talk or open my eyes. One of the times i was paralyzed i managed to get my eyes open only to see a huge black human figure about eight feet tall hovering a few inches above me in my bed. As soon as i saw it it liked sucked into a hole in mid air and disappeared. Recently ive been having this dream where my dead pawpaw is in my room pacing at the foot of my bed like hes guarding me or something. I can feel another presence in the room with us and my pawpaw will glance at me every now and then like hes tryin to tell me something. After a few minutes i realize im dreaming and i am again screaming at myself to hurry and wake up. Im pretty sure ive left my body. It really freaks me out when this happens because i lay down for a nap and next thing u know im in the living room and im panicked but nobody can see me or hear me, ill go back to my room and see myself inin my bed. It doesnt feel like a dream when this happens. Normally when im dreaming i know i am because i can feel myself lieing in bed, but when i have this type of experience i feel like im actually pysically in my living room. When i have these leaving my body type of experiences, when im finally back "in my body" and awake, ill go to the living room and everyone is doing what i saw them doing. All of this stuff happening to me is increasing in frequency and strength. I ha e no one to talk to about them. It feels like im losing my mind sometimes. Ive tryed for so long to find someone else who has the same experiences as me that knows how it feels that i can talk to and get some kind of guidance from. Its mentally and physically draining for me to be around people. My fiance doesnt understand even. If anyone has experienced any of these things and knows what they are called, please message me. Also anyone that could give me any advice to develop and control these things, please message me. Im tired of living in fear of these experiences. I want to be able to enjoy my life and use my gifts instead of them using me. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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what your experiencing is not uncommon at all ive help many with this same exact thing. your right you are an empath and a strong one at that. you also astrel project, sometimes youll remember sometimes you wont. when you take a nap and you end up in the living room that astrel projection. your not physicaly in the room but your spirit is is there you can freely move around and do what ever. the black figger is probly a demon or a negative spirit that follows you back when you astrel project. it probly doesn't want to hurt you, but it might which would explane your pawpaw being there he protects your physical body when you leave. and feeling all the other energys is normal it comes with being an empath same with the knowing bad stuff that's going to happen or know when they are happening. my ex girl when I was with her, she knew my best friend was going to die a month before he died right in front of me. the best thing to do with all that was energys and knowing about stuff is to learn to block it out keep your self in your own bubble till you can handle it. and about the best thing to do with the astrel projection is to learn how to control it its a very special and powerful ability. if you have anymore questions or need advice text me at 307-704-0045