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I have empathy, animal telepathy, channeling, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, E.S.P., Intuition, Mind over Body, Precognition, psychometry, and the occasional telekinesis or telepathy. These are only what I know of so far.... I'm still learning about my abilities (what I have, how to safely use them, etc.)...
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WOW. That is so awesome. I wish i had those abilities. Life is so hard and sometimes we are faced with crossroads and don't know which way to turn. You are VERY lucky

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It might. I'm very close with any cat, not just my own. I think they're my guides. I feel a connection with them. And when my cats, or any cat really, speak to me, I'm not hearing words. It's like I hear feelings if that makes sense at all. Feelings mixed with colors. Almost like I hear their aura. Like the feelings I get from them convert to mystic sound. Just try sitting with your cat and talking to it. Eventually your bond will become closer and you'll start to understand your cat. Who knows? Maybe your cat will let you in on the secret lingo to other cats! Good luck! Blessed be.

Hey, my cat and i are so close. When she looks at me i feel like shes trying to tell me something, does it mean anything?

Oh me too. Everyone is different with reading auras and empathy. My best friend was an empath, too. She could sense things like me. But when she saw an aura it was like she was sensing the feelings that radiate from that person, the emotions and experiences; she sensed rather than saw. I can sense of course, but I also see colors. My best friend was normally a golden yellow and a white. The boy she liked is a mix of black, white, and grey. I told her to stay away from him. She did. She couldn't sense his aura and when she could it wasn't good.

Well it runs in the family. When I started noticing some of my abilities, I mentioned it to my mom. Thats when I learned it ran in the family. I started learning everthing I could about my abilities, and during my research was when I stumbled on others that I didn't even realize was connected! Now, I just let it come to me. If it happens, it happens. I don't try to force it. I do practice tarot and occacsionally I meditate. Sometimes I work with ways of contacting spirits, but I only do anything of a psychic sort when I sense that I'm supposed to. I trust my sense; they're always right.

curious physic- I was just like you as a kid. Again, never knew there was a name for it- psychometric- very interesting...

How did you learn about your abilities? I would like to hear more of your story- especially how you developed them and how you currently use them.

A familiar is an animal that you have a strong connection with, one who is almost like your wiccan partner (or what ever you are, pagan, independent). Thats how I describe it anyway. And try doing some heavy meditation. That really helped me. It took a few years but look where I am now. It took years for all these things to develop! :)

I'm Psychomteric too, I feel all the energy on it, and sometimes see faces. Right now it's so overwhelming when I touch things like money, door handles, library books, everything. Any advice?

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A familiar is sort of like your guardian angel except it comes in the form of an animal (usually one you feel strongly towards. In my case cats. Specifically siamese.). Thats the best way I can explain it. TheUnKnown, you should try meditating. I know it sounds lame, but recently I've been trying it during my tarot reading sessions and my energy has greatly increased (in case you're wondering, I refer to "power" as energy). My premonitions have been hitting me like a train lately and I've been feeling empathy in them. Empathy from the future! And my friend has been experiencing greater shifts in energy recently, too (but the same thing happened to me around my 17th birthday, too). cmost, I can sometimes tell when people are gifted. Thats part of the reason I have my best friend right now. Some seven years ago, we just felt the connection and have been inseperable ever since.

I too have a best friend who is gifted... we became friends in elementary school. Most of my friends are the ones that most view as peculiar and about 3 of us share the same abilities. It is nice to have someone who can relate.

Wow thats awesome! I do believe in these things! Can you tell when you around people if they are gifted also? I can feel that about other people.

Lol, yeah. That does make sense. Well, this cat was my first familiar. The connection between us could have caused our dreams to cross/combine.... Same with yours, assuming that cat is/was your familiar?

You know since mouse is not a steady part of most human diets it seemed more likely than some hidden desire for mouse flesh.

Well, my theory was that I was dreaming the same thing as my cat. Perhaps you and your cat were also sharing a dream?

Hmm.... no... but I have had my cat sleep by my head and I dreamnt (s)he was walking around with me in my dreams...

Have you ever had your cat sleep next to your head and wake up dreaming you were eating a mouse?

I have always knew that I had them. When I was very little, I saw a nasty ghost every night. That was the first hint. And the fact that I knew what my cat was saying/thinking. And it runs in the family. It all kind of just started from there, you know?

wow....I can see people's auras sometimes, if I focus. =D how did you discover your abilities? Well I heard everyone has them but some people go through their lives not using or even knowing about them....perhaps you could teach me a thing or two you know?

Be careful what you wish for.

I don't really do much with them... its complicated... They just happen to be there when they want to be... and I use them when possible for the correct situation... which may not always be the "right" correct situation... =]

You know what animals are thinking? I know what zoo animals are thinking.....Freedom! Can you read minds over the computer?