My Psychic Abilities.

My abilities are many, I'm some sort of a telepath, I can see, hear, smell and feel ghosts and spirits, I can see the future every now and then, I've been able to manipulate people and so on. It all still happens very spontaneously, even if I've been trying to learn to control my abilities.

My relatives have told me some very interesting stories from the time I was just a child. My sister told me she saw me levitate from my bed to the living room and she got mom to see it. Mom has told me I've moved things without touching them and told them the exact location of, let's say, the keys that got lost during a trip I didn't take part in.

I don't think any of this is "supernatural" or paranormal. If it can happen and it works in this universe, it has to be natural and follow the laws of nature.
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You're right, science and psi don't conflict. Once you start tapping into your subconscious, you'll be able to do things more voluntarily. I'd suggest meditation.

Are there any other things you can do to tap into your subconscious, because it's just like how hoof foot said, I seem capable of some pretty amazing psychic abilities that only happen occasionally and spontaneously, I'd love to be able to do it when I want, not that meditation isn't great but I've also got a problem, this sounds stupid please bare with me, I really want to be able to do more but when I find I can, I stop because I'm that scared and think I might be nuts, arg! hope you can help,
Emma xx

I combat that fear aaall the time. Supernatural stuff is so appealing until you get any sort of little result and get the "sh*t sh*t sh*t!!!" response. XD Something as trivial as feeling pressure between my hands at will took a lot of repetition before it stopped scaring me or making me think I was delusional somehow. Same thing with mirror scrying. As soon as the image clouds over or another face pops up I get jolted out of the experience nine times out of ten. Opening these doors IS scary, because it's impossible to know all of the repercussions when doing something new. The only thing I can suggest is repetition of any skill you want to cultivate, until the amazing becomes the mundane. It also helps if you have someone you can confide in about this stuff. Life is just one big shared delusion, and it helps to have supporting members of your preferred reality bubble.

Thank you for that advice, it makes sense, and the supernatural stuff is appealing, really I love it, and I love that I've had so many experiences with it and I want lots more, I need to be braver! I'm studying to become a hypnotist so I'll have to try and use that to make me better and calmer. what frustrates me is that like you were saying with the mirror stuff, I was getting ready for college once, looking in the mirror in a sort of daydream and saw a whole scenario where someone pulled the string of my top, not very exciting I know, anyway it was extremely vivid like I was there and later that day it happened just like that, perfect in every detail, place, person, time everything, now when I look in a proper black scrying mirror I see nothing at all, nada, ahhh! its not fair! anyway rant over, I'll just have to try meditation again and this time when things start to happen I'll come and tell everyone here! Thanks again for the advice, its nice to know that someone who's good at it freaks out too sometimes!
Emma xx

Please seek urgent help immediately!

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That is amazing.

very intresting,i have many things that have happend to me,but not onthis scale ,this is far out,thanks for sharing

I think you might be right on- that it is the way the universe works. never did we imagine before things like relativity and quantum physics and I think this is all part of that way of thinking about science.