I Am An Empath..

Hi ElleMeza!

I am an empath, I am also able to channel wisdom when needed, although I live an ordinary day to day life in a low income family.. lots of stories and experiences!! Glad to be here in this group! *hugs* CindySue (Mystic)
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I'm a little confused by some of the terms being used here.<br />
I can ,"remove a headache" at will. Make the "weather change", my grown children still laugh about it and ask me to do it.<br />
I can hear voices but never know when to listen and when not to.<br />
I'm about to start shaking the crap out of the world but am afraid there won't be much left.<br />
I can't get the right lotto numbers to come up! (******* me off!)<br />
What am I?

tab1259.....you sound like you have the same gifts as my mother had and she simply called herself "gifted". I don't know what the correct term would be........but take time out and breathe..... cuz my mom had the same frustrations. Find your higher power and pray often. It helps elevate the frustration and gives your mind a rest, if only for a few minutes.

i am too an empath, a clariaudient, and i can feel the spirets and sometimes see them. i am also a teenie bit of an elemental, but those abilities are rusty. its good to know others are out there who understand, contact me if you want to chat!

I too am an empath... as well as clairaudient- where I will hear things (most are voices in my head that tells me things about people, places, etc.) The other one deals with visual. A lot of times i will see a sort of snap shot or video of the spirit or of the condition the person is in. So all these work as one with me and have been since as long as i can remember. I was around 3 when i remembered seeing a spirit walk through the wall of a house i lived in. She was covered in blood from a stab wound and had a white night gown on with crazy salt and pepper hair. We didn't live there very long since things became very strange... Some houses were better than others but i always seemed to be a magnetic force if that makes sense. Glad to meet other empaths :)

ok sorry it took so long for me to comment, so much going on here, I missed this post. <br />
First of all Empath is one who is aware of their ultra sensitive senses, for instance when I was young I was so so sensitive, another person could not confront me with out me going totally into a crying fit. I hated being so sensitive, but as I got older I realized that when I was going in one direction I would get the strong sense of right or wrong, that was the key, to be aware of the ultra sensitive sense and use it to go where you are suppose to or to help another. you become aware of others feelings like when you go somewhere and everyone has this, you notice someone is upset or angry, you can cut the tension with a knife, some people a oblivious to it, but you feel the thickness of the energy. There are many aspects, but when someone becomes more aware of Empathic abilities generally will find there are other abilities as well, some have clairaudient (not sure if I spelled it right) abilities where they can hear sounds or hear what sounds like a group of people talking, many experience this when trying to go to sleep cause the surroundings are quiet. Also is the visual gifts, not sure the name for them but some can see spirits, and some get the visions, I also from time to time get visions, and for the most part they just come in when they want to bring you the message, but if they disrupt your daily life you can ask that they only come through during a specific time where you can set aside for this information to present itself. You are in control more then you think, but I highly suggest that you set time aside for this, use a note book, or journal, sometimes the messages do not make sense, but in the message, write "What does this mean?" and that request clarity, kind of along the lines of Ask and you will recieve", I kind of learned all this the hard way, but my point is, you have a few abilities besides empathic, and the more aware you become the stronger and more effective you become! Write me anytime with questions. *hugs* CindySue (Mystic)