Bits and Pieces of Clairvoyance

Unrefined clairevoyance. Definitely concluded as undependable, but holds very high ? coincedence ? .. to stuff ..

I used to astral project, or atleast I believe I did, when I was younger, and reached a point of being able to do it when I wanted, but life kinda began to feel scary and I stopped "mucking" about with these things.

It started from when I was very young, and had nightmares. My imagination is whack ;). Then I saw a movie about controlling oneself in one's dreams. Then I tried, practiced and managed to control my dreams, change things how I wanted, when I wanted. It was fun mostly :). I found way later in life, one's real life state and environment has an effect on how one feels and occurs in one's dreams. I havn't did this stuff for a long time, sometimes, when I think about it, I do kinda miss it.

I've tried lotsa stuff .. I find them interesting, for real real, interesting. More so that some and or even most of these things are more real than most people could or would imagine or believe.

I have found few people that understand or know what I'm on about concerning, to them, weird or nonsense subjects and stories.

I have also found people that know what I am talking about, so that's cool to know and remember.

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wow .. no . i havnt messed around with these thoughts even for ages .. the most i speak about are my spider dreams :) .. i think .. somehow, inside me, ive let go of messing around with this, and or using it to change me or my life .. and also, because a lot of other more real things ive did in life have had better effect on my real life too .. somethings do take a lot more "work" and "decision" and "focus" and such, but disciplining oneself towards and utilizing goals in real life helps a lot .. maybe because our physical bodies linked to our minds n hearts n spirits and such, also need to do things, that are related and in constant goodo contact with other goodo things in the "real realm" .. ive taken up dancing, ballroom, latin, sokkie and line dance. i got taught corsetry, and took up art painting nails .. notice theyre all art related ^_^ :D .. cool hey .. life wise though, it tends to feel like there is still much to change and more so progress .. also . lately . very lately, i've been ill from stress and flu, and havnt been to any dance classes for a month ! this is a horible flu . and i want to get back to dance soon ! :P . what have u been up to hey ? :D :)

I had an experience where I foresaw a major earthquake coming, but I couldn't tell anyone - they would've laughed. Sure enough, I knew where I'd be, what I'd be doing when it happened, I did everything I could to avoid it, but to no avail. It happened as I'd seen it, there wasn't a thing I could do.

i think we / the human race thing with our language stuf, will come up with the correcter and correcter words to express our perceptions, truths n experiences n such.<br />
<br />
i also think altho we use these word things to communicate what we perceive think feel, thers the receiving side, wich also then re interprets stuf<br />
<br />
i think we posibly also think on a small scale . that being thinking on the scale of the milky way is still small .. but yet individually incomprehensable .. like my speling and my txt talk *LOLOLOL* ^_^<br />
<br />
stufs relative, we may or may not have the right evoluted language to express our present, or wat sum of us may see as a future<br />
<br />
im beginning to sound like sarah connor in terminator 2 *LOLOLOL* without the destruction of mankind by THE MACHINES hehehehehe ^_^

I think, Lincolnlog, that you've just devalued your past and future contrabutions to this site. "this was an experiment"... <br />
What? All of it?

nice tie lincoln ;) tx 4 ur comment<br />
<br />
.<br />
<br />

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How can we change his programming? How many of his kind are out there? How many robots without misogynistic tendencies are there? <br />
Such questions plague me ever since I first met this poor poor chatterbot robot.

What a poor soul, I'd do such terrible things to him if I only knew his home address...

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astral projection is something that you can do with out actually letting yourself go to sleep as well. there are a lot of books out there about it, but- if you have studied wicca or paganism, you read about it more often. <br />
as you become more experienced with astral projecting and learn some ways to protect yourself, you can begin doing projection while in a meditation like state. if you find yourself in a calling posistion as i have, you may be asked to do a type of dream guide. becareful not to allow yourself to invade others dreams without their permission though. there are rules that one must follow.

it used to happen often, the first time was lank scary, the feeling of being ? forced to go sleep by something .. myself ? *lol* .. no. no buzzing and stuff. i just ended up blacking out, and almost straight away waking up and getting out of bed, and myself which didnt seem weird to me at that time, more of, hmm im getting out of bed and im still in bed, i guess im doing that thing again, also my room was all changed around, like how it Used to be, coz i change my room around every 6 months coz its fun .. ot relly, its hard work, its more of spring cleaning hehehe.<br />
<br />
ok .. tingling yes. very tingly, coz also at the same time im trying to move my body, and i can see stuff and see and feel my eyes closing and mind passing out .. afterwards i got used to the feeling which i dont quite remember coz i wanted to stop mucking with this stuff .. but i could "summon" up a prepared projection by feeling the same feeling and then my body and mind behaves the same way, and it feels right so i let it happen and then i mince off doing silly stuff hehehe :) wats quite cool is iv astral projected twice in one sleep ? like i woke up twice, and then went to sleep twice (like got into bed twice) and the final time i woke up i was like WTF ! ? lol<br />
<br />
heavy vibrations .. no .. but u know when u yawn ? if u listen to sumthing while yawning it kinda duz that weird kinda vibration, maybe something like that .. its only happening in my head (ot mind, head as in physical), maybe coz i was trying to force my eyes open, and panicking coz i couldnt move my body to force myself to stop blacking out ..<br />
<br />
its not scary coz i know ill be alright, then i started relaxing and letting it happen .. i've had lank God stuff happen in my life and dreams and nightmares too ..<br />
<br />
ive also asked God / universe to chill with the whack shiz, so i havnt had *odd, weird and overly different* experiences happen for a while<br />
<br />
log ur stuff in the dream journal then we can chat bout em there ;)

Do you still do any projecting? I am at this current time unable to consciously archive an OBE. Do you remember if you felt heavy vibrations or a buzzing or tingling feeling when you did project?

Hey Muntkey!!<br />
What you are referring to is Lucid dreaming... Google it, you will find alot of info on it and may even be able to enhance your experience! I have a friend who is a very effective lucid dreamer and is able to contact other now and lots of things!! let us know if you come across some new understandings ok? Love And Light CindySue (Mystic)

Did you ever read the Magical Faraway Tree ? .. or something like that ?<br />
It's like pieces of growing upness, society, busy-ness, distraction maybe even, slowly remove from some of us, the existence of REAL magic, or something alike. Or so it feels.<br />
Someone out of nowhere, who later became a cool friend, came up to me and said "Remember when you were young" , so I did and I remembered tons of stuff, mostly happy times for some reason. Cool hey ? :)<br />
<br />
ok, back to the subject, do you want that to work though ? and maybe .. why ?<br />
Did you just used to do that, or did you do that when you felt a certain way or were at a certain location ?<br />
* that's my curiousness kicking in by the way * hehe :)

When I was little, (and I have NO idea where this came from), I used to sit and stare at my hand, and repeat something over and over again (I' can't remember what it was now, something along the lines of "I am not myself") and be able to stare down at my hand and realize that I was (or thought I was anyways) separating from my physical self. Now when I try to do it, I can't.