I believe that everyone has psychic abilities. It might not be called that but goes by gut feeling, instincts, or just a feeling. There are some though that are more aware of what is going on around them. Most people either don't believe and deny the feeling that they have or don't act on them.  There are others who have developed or have a talent in certain areas of psychic abilities.  I'm one of them. I was always emphatic in that I was good at reading people's emotions. I had to learn how to block them though because I would end up being angry or sad because someone around me was. I also was able to detect energy Fields around me. As I grew I began developing my abilities and trying new things. Some with success and others not so much. It wasn't till recently that I started getting visions of the future. Things would just pop in my head even if I wasn't thinking about them. Flashes of things that are going to happen. Sometime they were pictures, words, or just feeling. I didn't like this though because it seemed like it was always bad. I rejected this ability and tried not to develop it. I still do have the flashes but not as much as I use to. Well, that about all for now but I know that as I gain knowledge and become more aware of what is going on around me that may develop other abilities. Only time will tell.

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jip im on the same path, ive learned that fear can block your abillities, tried astral projection and was afraid that i might get posseses so ever got far enough

I just had to tell this story.<br />
<br />
One day I saw a swarthy looking evangelist carrying a bible. The energy of his purpose crackled like lightening on a hot summer day. He had been watching me as I exited the metaphysical bookstore with my purchase of candles, crystals, and incense. I could see in my peripheral vision he was walking towards me. So I turned in my wheelchair, my eyes meeting his. He was smiling and digging around in his jacket pocket for some religious tracts. When he found one, he handed me the yellow paper with the drawing of praying hands holding rosary beads. He began ministering to me about Christ and asked me did I know Him. Of course I knew Him, but I was polite and wanted to give him a chance to express himself. So I listened for a while. Sometimes we can learn something from even the staunchest Christian.<br />
<br />
While pointing upward toward the blue and gray skies, he asked me,” Do you want to go to heaven, or do you want to go to hell?” This time he was pointing to the ground? Silently I watched him do this. He looks up at me again. I looked up at the partially solemn sky with its construction of loosely knitted clouds. I sighed thoughtfully, my eyes drinking in all around me before landing on the damp ground where my feet were resting on the foot support of the wheelchair. Inside the bluff of a second, the earth exhaled and I caught a whiff of its natural breath. It was the sweet exotic scent of decaying leaves and damp soil. It is then I felt the warmth of the sun sneaking peeks through thin la<x>yers of milky gray clouds. Then<br />
I thought of ancient folks with agile, never idling hands, turning the earth for next season’s planting, sodding, planting seeds, feeding and watering them until ultimately, harvesting time. I thought about how all the elements in the universe work like a hub to protect and nourish our senses, and fill our spirits with spiritual manna and feed us a variety of seasonal foods to fill our bellies. I thought about our colorful ways of expressing our worship and giving thanks to the Higher Power for that manna and the food that fill hungry bellies.<br />
<br />
And here was this evangelist asking me if I wanted to go to heaven or hell, indicating that the space in which I occupied was a small piece of hell. Maybe that’s not what he meant at all. Human perception is a tricky thing because we are always peering through lens made up of our own inner state. I gave this too some thought before looking down at the ground again then up at him again before asking him,<br />
“Man, why do you trouble my soul with such a question when I can read it in your eyes that you are struggling with your own center, your own demons, or whatever name you choose to call it? I’ve grown comfortable in the skin God has given me. I thrive in it. I know of the twists and unexpected turns lurking inside the sacred path. And before you have anything more to say about it, I offer you a task: if you can touch the hem belonging to the robe of Christ as He passes you by, and as He carries His cross, then you can reassert your question to me whether I want to go to heaven or hell. Who are you to question which path I should take as a seeker?”<br />
<br />
I left him standing there with his mouth shaped like the letter "O" as I wheeled my chair away from him.

Admirable 'chilate', it is so hard to defend oneself to these judgemental preacher's who believe everyone else is cut off spiritually.

I had some of the same abilities as a child. Had dreams of the future and could tell you word for word events that would happen around me. I must have been 8 or 9 at the time and i found at the time to be frightining for me. This continued until i was 15 when i met a friend that was practicing a cross between wicca and paganism. Together he helped me block my my dreams to where i couldnt remember them once i woke up. Problem was solved at that point. Now that im 27, last night i had my first premonition in years. I disregarded it until my wife came home and was telling me about a conversation with a co-worker. I stopped her mid story and finished it word for word to a T for her from the promonition i had during a nap that afternoon. <br />
<br />
Freaked her out needless to say. Recently i have had something in my house attacking me and not allowing me to sleep. Tons of paranormal activity but i do not now how to stop it cause i cant tell if its of ghost origin, Fairie origin if you know anything about paganism, or possibly something demonic that i allowed throught in my previous dabbles in things. My third eye is starting to break throught again and im curious if anyone may have a way to unblock and develop it so i can see what im facing and take the steps for my family to rid this....... I use to have a wonderful recipe to psyicic tea that would help using skullcap and a touch of hemlock, but i cant remember the full combinations of it. <br />
<br />
Any one reading this, could you help me out this cause the entity is becoming far more dangerous, but i cant move against it until i know what im facing. No need in making things worse fighting the wrong type of entity. Prob is i lost my recipe and as i get older the block between the councious and sub-concious is starting to fail on me and i need it to and push it so i can discover the truth. Any response would help cause it has been 10+ years since ive practiced, lost my book of shadows during a move... and ive lost my recipies for claravouence.

That's where that third eye comes into play. I am an Empath and Healer and you're right, taking in too much negative energy creates a field of negative energy around you. I have some gifts I suppressed because I didn't want them and can't use them anymore. Just be aware as you get older the ones you DO use will become stronger.

Hey guys<br />
<br />
What sub powers can you get if you can control air and water? And how can i get telekinesis and other powers?

controling air and water is wicca and also telekenesis the best is to try devoloping the mind not the physical power

I agree with you completely. Thanks for commenting :)

We all possess this quality and it is good that you have recognized it. I to am an empath and feel peoples inner selves and get the intuition of psychic . Trust in it and it gets stronger.. Have faith and it will is our gift to protect, warn and guide.

I've always felt something - a 6th sense much higher than anyone around me. Sensitivity to a collective consciousness, definite empath - too much most times - and other unexplained things I can't explain. I desire guidance but don't know anyone nearby. I need to learn to block the empathic flow as a first priority. But, yes, I believe most people have the abilities - it's how "thick" or "thin" or noisy or quite you are.

You guys watch to many " heroes" ,n mrvin barney is taking over you , you lie too much ... now you will notice that i have a true ability

i have the same feelings as things pop into your mind

True words do carry a lot of weight, but for me I could see flashes whenever I wasn't even thinkin about the person whom the vision was about. I didn't really have any control over it. It's been awhile now since I last had one but they still happen.

I think at times things will happen that trigger feelings inside us. Like someone says something to you and you envision the future in their statement at that time. Words said can show us what is and what's to come if we are listening to the words.

Yes that's true. I have learned to listen to my inner voice, to trust my instincts, and grow in arwarness.

I believe it to be your intuition. You are finally recognising your inner voice that is telling you the truth about what is really happening. Just trust yourself more.<br />

Oh yes it can be. I try not to read others minds. It's an invasion of privacy and can be distrubing. I have done it at time without knowing I did but only with people I'm close to.

i get the same things and if i concentrate hard i can feel it more, others feelings and what they are thinking, really weird right?