with all the things that are happening right now , i have been trying to avoid people to protect myself.This empath stuff i am getting sick ,to much emotion i am not able to tune out. Even with friends ,i avoid certain ones because i can feel everything they aren't saying . I need suggestions from other people with pschic abilities .
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For anyone who experiences this, what Mystic says here works . Lately the precognitive feelings are coming regularly ,this excersize gets me beyond the feeling in order to stay focused and see clearly

I have been trying , i took some time off to distance myself from some bad stuff that is happening there as i had a lot to deal with in my own life . It helped but i dread going to work right now .

Meditation and prayer have been critical to my success at releasing the energy I receive from others. Work on grounding yourself, so that you will not be so deeply impacted by those around you.

That is an awesome idea , thanks

wow. " i can feel everything they aren't saying ."- that is EXACTLY me to a T!!! And people always wonder how I know- it's because I can feel everything. It is very painful- especially to know all the negative stuff about people. Though sometimes I can't separate these things from my imagination= that which isn't true. Do you ever have trouble with this? If so I would like to hear how you handle it.

Oh I did the same exact thing, don't beet yourself up about it, you can take from that a huge lesson like I did!!

I know that now , what a lesson he had a very strong overwhelming presence and everything in me was screaming...The visions i don't know why i just shook them off, until i was so far gone.

Oh another suggestion, sometimes certain people are just negative no matter how well you can release, it can take a toll on you, when you recognize the negativity so strong in a person (for example, an abusive person, or someone with mental illness) try to limit your time around them, sometimes even family, I have also heard professional speakers state that it is ok to separate yourself from family if they are destructive, your emotional health is always the most important thing.

Thanks for the comment Tumblindice, gave me a warm fuzzy *smiles*.. And redhead, I also had to learn the hard way, your inner self really knows but it takes time to really learn to recognize it quicker and easier, for me now it is the only thing I go by. And the result is "being true to yourself"! the releases help clear out the garbage as well, so you can sense things more effectively! *hugs* to all CindySue (Mystic)

One of the reasons i tried to stay in the relationship i was in , i know better than to not listen to my inner self.

Wow, what a gift you have. I hope meditation helps you clear your mind. this is incredible, you have to potential to do so much good.

Your Welcome.. sure not a big time taker, but hey nothin to lose but the heavy stuff!! *grins*

Thank you i will try it.

Well I have commented befroe in other areas with suggestions on how to release, it is very important when you are extra sensitive to release the excess, many will suggest meditation, I am just to busy, and busy minded for that, so I came up with an easy 10 second technique I can share... it is along the lines of a "sigh" when we sigh it is actually our body's way of releasing, so we need to take it a step further, close your eyes picture an very bright white light above your head, inhale through your nose visualizing the healing white light entering through your nose and pentrating your entire body, , exhale out of your mouth visualizing all the negative grey that is negative garbage flowing out of your mouth and flowing straight up into the light, do this 3 times at least twice a day, you should feel a difference in 2 days to 2 weeks depending on how bogged down you are, if you continue to do this on a regular basis it can help you stay balnaced and the more good you can do. Another quicky I suggest is when you are in the shower visualize the water as healing energy flowing over you and penetrating your being, and then visualize your negtive junk seeping out of your pores and into the water to be washed away.. hope this helps *hugs* CindySue (Mystic)