Astral Warrior.

Hello all I just joined this whole website .  I just want to strongly point out I'm a dragon in a humans body.  I'm very psychic and I've had alot of connections with  astral beings...mostly  demons and angels though. in simple words  demons hate me. I'm actually able to heal people who been dulled in their 3rd eye  by a demon and I've been able to clear out demons as well.

Keelz23 Keelz23
22-25, F
3 Responses Oct 5, 2009

its glad to meet another astral warrior, even online! as for me i have a few different being in this one body so its a little crowded in here:) but one of me is a type of jagure spiret gaurdian. contact me if you want to chat, i know things get lonely here.

Interesting. You will meet others like that here.

Well then, I hope you can see accidents happening before they happen to you! Me.. I kinda like surprises.