The body mandala and the incorporation of you perry personal field can be traumatizing to those just tuning into it. Some call them psychic experiences, but it is nothing more than the extension of your mandala and a re-mapping of your brains parietal lobe. Once your PPF has been extended to incorporate more than your first eight feet around your body, you can tune into different 'channels' so to speak as if they were part of you.
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I am sorry, that answer was a little short-handed. It was rather late when I responded. You have what are called, 'mirror cells and receptors', for example, when you see someone pickup a cup, these cells fire and simulate picking up a cup. These same cells can pick up on the intention or feelings of others, fire those cells within your brain. The more you listen, the more you learn to interpret these responses. Expanding your perry personal field allows you to have the chance to interpret more of these signals, but that requires a higher level of concentration.

Firstly and foremost, from experience. I began experimenting with stretching 'my reach' if you will, when I was around 8 or 9. It was a weird effect, I had a great science teacher that directed me towards neurology when I was around 15. This prompted me into a life long study co-working with my study in computer sciences based towards AI.