It's Back

So the friend I spoke about in a separate post Amber went to bible camp... and found a passage that was against psychics now she said she can't go with me to see a psychic anymore. The one person I felt comfortable talking to, has decided to change intrigue into fear. She kept bringing up God and how he will protect us from ghosts and demons. She's still fairly open but and told me I can still tell her about my experiences but I don't feel comfortable anymore because of some things she said about what she believes in now. Don't get me wrong I believe in God too just not everything written in the bible.
Oddly enough we were watching White Noise 2 together and she said she highly doubted that dead people could use most electronics to communicate. I didn't say anything I kept watching the movie. The next morning I was getting ready for the day in the bathroom and Amber was down stairs, as she had stayed the night. The fire alarm near me went off, and didn't set any other alarms off. It went off for about a minute as I looked around for a fire. There was no one in the kitchen cooking, and definitely no fire. I went down stairs where she and my sister were and of course they didn't even hear it. I just thought it was funny and yes I know it is possible that it was just dust or something.

Now on to the dream I had a couple of weeks before. In my dream I was standing on a dock that connected two buildings together, and it was surrounded by water. To make this dream short, I walked into one building (a bathroom) and then walked to the very back of it. A non-living person got right in my face and stared at me. She had short dark hair and looked young. Naturally I freaked out and got out of there because she seemed threatening in the dream. And of course she followed me home and that was the end of that.
The next morning I went with my mom to her friends house just to sit and chat. I did tell my mom about the dream before we left to go over to Mary's house but I didn't think much of it. We sat down on their deck outside and I immediately noticed the dock they had connecting their garage to their house. (I mean seriously who has a dock connecting two buildings on land instead of a path?) I leaned over to my mom and pointed it out silently. So the talking commenced and soon Mary's boyfriend sat down to talk with us. (He use to be able to see ghosts). I should also mention at this point that they had bought a huge new pool and have a hot tub in their yard. (the water). Suddenly Mary started talking about her daughters friend who died recently and the clothes she brought home from her dead friend. Mary's boyfriend started talking about how he thinks she came over with the clothes because his radio in the garage has been playing music by itself, and on stations he doesn't listen to. I casually ask what her hair color was and they look over at me funny, and my mom wants me to tell everyone what I think the hair color is before they answer. I say brunette or just dark in general. They say they don't know what her hair color was, and bring me into the garage. Just like in my dream I walk in and towards the back of the building is a bathroom. (also like in the dream). The boyfriend checks to see what his radio is on at its on a different station. I walk back out and Mary is talking to her daughter. Her hair color was black.
The only thing that hasn't come true is the ghost following me home... or maybe she did. =)

P.S. Later today the one fire alarm went off (on and off) for about an hour, and now that everyone is home hasn't gone off since.
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wow, amazing story. thanks for sharing