I Had A Psychic Connection With A Boyfriend

A year ago, I met my boyfriend named Phillip. When I saw his picture on the internet website of a band he was in, I knew something about him no one knew. He was amazed when I shared something he knew I would not have known otherwise without him telling anything about his life.  From then on, I've had some feelings that I would know something about someone, that other people didn't know. It happened after Phillip's death and I even predicted that he would die and he did. However, I saw a picture of someone that I didn't know, and I picked up on the energy of the picture. The picture was of a young woman who was my apt manager's daughter who had died in a car accident. The manager didn't tell this, I just picked up on it. I still feel like I have this gift. wow.
skymi6007 skymi6007
1 Response Sep 7, 2010

Welcome to the group. A lot of us here have had some strong experiences and some rather un-notable ones too. It's all apart of the ability. And relating to other peoples experiences is fun too. For me i have never once been phased when someone has died, its always been kind of a natural understanding. Most times I am just glad that they don't have to suffer in pain any longer.