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Since I was a child I have experienced things such as clairevoyance, infused knowledge, kinetic energy and lucid dreams.  As I got older I learned it was best to keep it a secret because of discrimination and fear of its consequences.  I have used whatever "gifts" I have to help my familly and close friends only...although sometimes I "cheat" a little.  My accuracy rate is about 95% and witnessed frequently by more than one person. 

Example of how "it" works:    I was driving down the freeway, blasting the radio and not really paying attention to anything.Suddenly the traffic stopped and I 'heard' a voice say 'look up.'  I was already looking in front of I looked up into my rearview mirror.  I saw a semi truck with sparks flying in front of it.  I heard 'move left' and I turned my steering wheel left and moved into the center divide, into the dirt.   Just as I did, the semi flew by me, sparks flying all around and what appeared to be metal draped around it's front and side.   I thought it was a guard rail.   I got back on the freeway and continued past the truck which finally stopped.  Next day, the paper printed an article that a semi truck had run over several cars on the freeway, killing six people.

I can 'bring' people to me - friends I haven't heard from in months, strangers on the street, relatives, etc.  In a crowd of hundreds, I will concentrate on a single person.  They will look over at me, walk over curiously,  and hesitantly ask if I need something (this can be repeated several times in succession with different strangers and among a noisy crowd of hundreds of people).   Friends/relatives will contact me within hours or a few days.  

I am filled with eletrical energy - I short out electrical appliances (even cars) that are not plugged into power bars.  Blue sparks fly out whenever I plug something in.  My residence(s) require electrical repairs often - appliances will turn on/off by themselves, not turn off via switches, plugs go dead, etc.  If someone stands to close, a visible blue spark will jump from me to them.  I shock my kids all the time.  You can sometimes hear a pop or snap too.  There is frequently a lot of movement around me as well - things falling, creaking, doors or cabinets opening/closing by themselves.

Other stuff that happens:   Premonitions via daydreams ...lucid dreams...messages that come to me - usually end up coming true.  My ex-husband would get mad if I made a prediction, telling me to 'take it back' if he didn't like it (he knew it would come true).  I try to tell people I have no control over what happens; I am just given a message is all.    Most people come to me for lost items - which I tell them to find in sometimes very odd/illogical places.   They tell me what it is, I wait a few minutes, and I get 'images' about where it is.   About 99% found rate (my digital camera and Prada purse I think have been stolen).

Most of the time I use prayer and ask that I not see apparitions (usually black mist/shadows, flash/streak of light),  or hear/smell/feel things.     I am physically sensitive to all sorts of things - sounds smells, lights, medications, temperature changes, weather, seasons, foods and touch.   I also have FMS which includes IBS, allergies, GERD and chronic pain.  I feel that part of my physical ailments are related to 'stuffing' down my spiritual self.

It is a struggle and a burden at times - but my life has been saved more than once because of my intuition.  I grew up in a strict religious sect and having psychic abilities was something attributed to the devil, evil and/or mental illness.   My daughters, especially the oldest, have inherited many of the same things.  
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These things happen to me too and also to my mom. :o

Wow that is odd... In my family we have a mystery illness that makes our stomachs unable to tolerate certain foods. Also the people who have this also are very connected to spirtual stuff (spirts, promotions, ect) I wonder if there is any connection...

There's a name for finding lost items. It's called "scrying". I found that out while helping a few people online. I thought someone said they were going to cry, but nope. Apparently, people who can't do it naturally used crystal balls.

Just thought you'd be interested, ma'am.

Wow, impressive story, indeed you should look up books to get informed more and find a way to deal with this. Did you try the 'protective light visualizations ?I<br />
<br />
I myself had only had 1 experience, I predicted the death of a family member 1 day before she died. I saw a face that told me that she wasn't ok, but was going to be ok. I hadn't contacted that family member for years, so I had no idea ho she was doing. After that I went home and in the train I met a girl who told me she saw a woman 'with me' and she described that exact person that died.<br />
<br />
I actually would like to explore this area bit more, but it seems to come when it wants.

Wow, <br />
Your story sounds so similar to my own. I have had experiences since I was around 5 or 6 years old. Growing up in a Pentecostal home, my gifts were looked upon as prophetic or Satanic - depending on my mother's mood and what charismatic preacher she had listened to the week before. I have had demons cast out of me, curses put on me, and at times suffered through emotional disorders trying to make sense of it all. <br />
I have moved away from my extended family and am now working on my own psychic development. I have found some wonderful books by Sonia Choquette and Echo Bodine that have resonated so closely with me. And I am researching meditation groups in the surrounding area to join in with. <br />
The one thing that I noticed with the electrical mishaps is that I often short things out when I am having a bad day or in a foul mood. (My younger brother has the same problem and since he struggles with anger issues, he is constantly having to fix his electricity in his house). <br />
Meditation helps me a great deal. The American Meditation Society is where I learned to meditate- they are a great group to join. <br />
The abilities we have are such precious gifts. But learning to control/deal with them does take some practice. Not everybody understands what we go through, but when you can connect with people who do, boy-oh-boy what a difference it can make in your life. God bless and keep all of you.

I am right there with you. I have dreams of things to come, sometimes it's not just about me or my family, but about the world as a whole. Sometimes it's about huge "world-shifting" events. (i.e. The night before September 11th, I dreamt that I was called to New York by a positive force to be part of a "battle between good and evil" when I got to New York in the dream, my Dad sped away in a trolley, and I started to see what I thought was snow falling to the ground. A flake landed on my hand, when i brushed it off, it smudged and I realized that it was ash falling from the sky.) I didn't realize the correlation until a few days later. I've also dreamt of family members deaths, 2012, Katrina, and the Iraq war. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this. I'm scared, and I'm only 24, I feel I need to learn, or the unknown might make me crazy. I also request that entities do not show themselves, but I have actually been touched, more than once, to the point of paralysis. I want control over this, but don't know where to go....

Do you still have premonitions of future events ?