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Intuitive And Indigneous

I tend to do divination with totems, guardians and clans. Through a form of native astrology and stone casting. I work on these aspects to help with mental illness and strengthening the health of those in hospice. These are things I can not do on a short term status. It takes days and sometimes weeks to get all the alignments done for mapping with totems and guardians.
  I also work on healing circles and energy healings. I work also for Corn Mother's Care and Creation to support the Shaman woman healer that is hosted there. I find many style of divination all have a some use at most any given time. I have learned and am learning various style of divination and energy work through my activities with Corn Mothers.
   I also am a intuitive post-cognitive seer. If you have any questions of any of it please feel free to write me. Or if you want a short feedback session feel to TXT me.  1-505-306-0862.
Sowyfeil Sowyfeil 31-35, F 3 Responses Mar 11, 2011

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I am hoping you have advice regarding health and a career path. Also it is very nice of you to help people.

From my own feelings when I read your comment was it's sometimes a bit more difficult to let go then we want. It depends on what you want to hold on to and how you want it affect your future choices. Be careful you are not holding on for the sake of just not being seen as someone who is willing to let go. Anything with another person is about letting each person explore themselves as individuals sometimes in a fashion we are unfamiliar with. Sometimes that individual is within ourselves.

All things are possible with God. Can my Husband and I work this out?