Always Listen 2 The Voice Within...

My oldest daughter was a cheerleader her senior year of high school, and I was a devout member of the church. On wednesdays, she had practice after school, and I had bible study. She normally got a ride home with a friend, and I would get home from church shortly after she did. One wednseday in December, I was rushing to get to bible study because I hated to miss the first few minutes of discussion. Id never missed a Wednesday in two years. Anyway, In the middle of rushing ...all of a sudden my inner voice told me to "wait a few minutes".  I was thinking, 'then ill be at least 20 minutes late!...wait for what?' ... but knowing from experience the calamities that happen when U don't listen to this voice, I sat down and just waited. After about 10 minutes, the phone rang...(we did not have cell phones at that time) It was my daughter sounding slightly frightened, asking me to come get her because her usual ride wasn't able to take her home, everyone had left, and it was beginning to get dark. She didn't think that Id be home, because she knew I had bible study that evening. My daughter didn't have time to get scared,  I was there to pick her  up within 5 minutes, because Id never taken my coat off and still had my keys in hand from when I was getting ready to leave for bible study. I thanked God all the way there, back, and every day for my guide. I have been saved many times by the voice of God, even the times that I have chosen not to listen and found myself in dark places...I remembered that voice being there, warning me beforehand, and because of it...I feel blessed beyond measure. I will never fail to listen to that voice is a priceless gift, for which I am eternally grateful.
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I couldn't say it better. Every parent should explain to their child that what the "little voice" is telling you doesn't have to make logical sense... Just Never ignore it.