I Wish I Had Psychic Abilities

I truly believe there are people in this world that can see the future or see spirits or have any other psychic ability. I wish I was one of those people. I wish there was something special about me that would let me utilize those gifts. Anyone have any advice for me to unleash these gifts? Can anyone tell anything about me using their psychic abilities?
seekingforgiveness821 seekingforgiveness821
3 Responses Jan 8, 2012

I'm new to this place , so recently I've had some weird experiences like my friend asked me a random question to test Me , now it may sound ridiculous but she asked me what was her bra size , so I ended up with a sort of lighting flash in my eyes and saw the number 34 and letter f , told her and it may have been a coincidence but was 100% correct

How do I i.m. you? I'm so curious as to how to unlock the ability to do this

Oh honey everyone has some type of gift, so so do u...I do read for people on here I'll befriend u n if u see me IM me...I wont put anything on here personal to u so u keep ur aninimity sorry cant spell...I can help u open ur gift up but it has to be for the right reasons...the simple fact u want to know if u can shows u can ...its the unconscience mind trying to tell the conscience mind u can :)...only be careful what u wish for n be sure u are ready...hope to be of help

Wow would you be able to help me? I'm just starting to come into my psychic abilities but I would really love to talk to someone who understands what I'm going through as I don't! I don't know anyone else who has psychic abilities so I don't have anyone to talk to about it but I feel like I'm finally ready for them (have been ignoring them most of my life as I've been afraid of what doors it can open) and I would really like to develop my abilities and intuition.

Sure always happy to help. Befriend me and we'll talk.