Secret In The House

Growing up I always envisioned that there was a secret room or space between the walls in my parent's house. I would talk about it occasionally, I felt like there is something hidden.

After I moved out my mother told me that I was right. There is door covered by carpet under the stairs. It has never been open, the previous owners told my parents about it. They never told us incase they decided to hide stuff from us in there. I'm not allowed to tell my siblings about it.

I don't think that is the only spot. Maybe the house was connected to the underground rail road or if during remodeling they decided to cut off some floor space for one reason or another. One of these days I need to obtain the original floor plans.
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2012

That is honestly one of the most interesting stories I've heard in a long time!! Wow! What I think is really strange is that I was having deja vu when I read your story just now, as if I've already heard that story before, but I know I haven't and I immediately knew that you were right about your hunch about the hidden room behind the walls. I keep thinking do I know the house, too? No, no way. Sounds so strangely familiar though. Hmm. Strange stuff.

It would drive me nuts. lol I would have to look inside. But please don't take a cue from me. It could just be a very important support for the house.