My Uncontolled Psychic Experiences

Ever since the day i was born, ive always had this powerful girf of being a medium. I never really believed it until the middle of my teenage, where i realized that some very strange things were happening to me. Dont think i am crazy when i talk about my experiences. They are all true, and i am not insane.

One thing is sure, its that im an empath. Nobody can hide their feelIngs to me, because i sense them. I perceive other people's emotions easily. Lets say a friend of mine is sad and hides it, i will fell a huge tention inside of me and i will feel pain and sorrow like if i was sad, but its actually my friend's emotions that im feeling. This is not an advantage, because it gives me a hard time to deal with my own feelings afterwards.. I'm the typE of person who will help anyone of my friends who are in needs before myself. I am the person that will go up to others and say : 'i know youre sad. You cant hide it from me. Now tell me whats wrong and ill help you out'. I just know if someone is going through hard times. Being an empath is very disturbing because it feels like everyone's problems become yours. But at the same time, it is an advantage because you can feel a person's intentions weather they are good or not, so it helps to avoid trouble.

Another thing that i recently discovered is that i am gifted for animals. I can approach any animal and they will like me. I also have the capacity to understand the animal's feelings. Like i can tell by looking at my dog what he really wants. I know exactly what he wants. I have developped a way of communicating unconsciently with him. I can feel his different energies when he wants certain things. Sometimes my dog is lyinG on the floor sleeping and i can tell if he needs to go for a walk or not. I just feel it. Its the same with my cat. Sometimes i see myself meowing to my cat and start a conversation with it. I have no clue what im saying, but in the end of our conversation, I manage to know what my cat wants.. She constantly have these conversations with me in the morning like if she knew i could understand her. It might sound weird but it is true. Ive always had such relationships with animals, and my energy is so calm and pacific that i have no issues approaching an animal. I was the onLy person able to pet one of my friend's cat's belly. This is a sign that the animal truSted me like nobody else.

Another gift that i have is clairvoyance/premonitions. I often have flashes of upcoming events, and i can get to know stuff beFore it happens. I get a lot of premonitory dreams that often takes different forms. Once i dreamed about myself walking near a graveyard and i saw some crows and ravens pecking the ground where the graves were, and as soon as i approached them, they all flew away and created a wall of flying birds.. Soon after, my uncle died. My dream was about his death, and the arising of his soul. Some of my dreams are Realistic such as a foreseeing of the future. I see upcoming events of my life exactly how they will happen. LIke i can dream about a specific moment, and the day after, the same moment happens again exactly like in my dream. It gives me these deja vu sensations.. I always have to carry a dream definition book because i tend to dream about symbolic stuff and as soon as i wake up, i check up definitiOns about the symbols in my dreams and these symbols are very accurate, and they give me advices on upcomming events.. Sometimes i can guess stuff and my predictions will be accurate..

I can do a little bit of telepathy with people. I can guess what they are thinking, and sometimes it scares me. I can read people's intentions without communicating with them. I can only accomplish telepathy with my closest friends. Most of the time it happens with my best friend. Lets say he has an idea, well i will be able to guess exactly what he had in mind before he actually tells me. It often happen that he comes to me to ask me something, and i answer him before he asks me anything. Another moment it happened, is when one of my Friends came by my locker.. I closed my locker as soon as possible and i told him : forget it, you aint having my food! The awkward thing is that i totally read his intentions while he was coming. He doesnt usually take my food. Just this time i knew. Like if i read his mind..

At the age of 16 right now, Im still very young and unexperienced, but if someone would Help me out to have control of my powers and gifts, it would be wonderful. If i really am gifted, i believe i should learn how to master them to their full potential.. And how to avoid getting hurt by using them.. My intentions are good, and I dont want to abuse my powers.. Thanks for taking your time to read through my little phychic experiences
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You have an amazing gift and hopefully you'll be able continue to grow and embrace what you were given. I wanted to share a great book that I just read by Kim O'Neill. It's her own personal story of how she first realized she had a gift. It's her memoir and she opens up about her life as a psychic. You may appreciate it and be able to make a connection and also gain some advice. Best of luck to you!