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Remote Viewing Changed My Life

I am writing to share my story for two reasons. First, for the sake of the possibilty that someone will read it and actually understand me. Second, out of concern for other people.

My concern lies in the subject of remote viewing and people who do or do not know of their talents or the full extent of their abilities. If you know of your talents/gifts and you want to do remote viewing, I caution you. It is not something that should be taken lightly and unfortunately there are people out there who have absolutely no concern for your well- being.

I did not know the extent of my precognition.

No one cautioned me or warned me of the things that I would experience. No one contacted me after doing on-line tests. I spent hours upon hours, starting in 2006, doing tests through I.O.N.S.,(The Institute of Noetic Science) and they never contacted me about them. I guess I took for granted that they would tell me something, like you have ESP.
I believed they were professionals.

"I did not take tests at any other place."

Some people will tell you that it is fun and it might start out that way. For me it started as a curiousity and knowing that I could do it, but I was more serious with a serious concern for people and a strong desire to help them, so for me it is not fun. Knowing that people are going to die is NOT FUN. Not being able to do anything about it is NOT FUN.

Before I took the on-line tests, I only had experiences with those closest to me. My loved ones. Occasional experiences with strangers and major news events.

After doing RV tests on-line, I perceived things all day long, every day for three and a half years, night and day, awake and asleep with no one to talk to about it. I could not make it stop. Still to this day I have had no one to talk to about it that has or has had these kind of experiences.

If I don't spell it out you won't understand the weight of it:
 Murder, suicide, rape, armed robberies, riots, wars. Abuse of every kind. Death of every kind, if I saw, heard or read about it, I knew about it before-hand. Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, you name it. Every natural diseater of every kind that I saw, heard, read or knew about.
Everything that I heard or saw or read about I knew before it happened.

And I didn't just know it, I felt it. I felt the pain of those people. I experience it.

I did know that I have empathic abilities but I did not know this could happen. No one told me I would feel it. No one said there was even a possibility that I would.

I could have had a complete breakdown and ended up in a hospital. This could have completely ruined my life or even ended it. Just from the stress.

It is very hard to deal it. Knowing that people are going to die and not being able to help them because no one helped me.

Who do you contact when you know an earthquake will kill many people?

I have written all the people that I could find who teach remote viewing and asked them simple questions. They have not written me back. I have written psychic organiziations that do research, they have not written me back. They have not been helpful in any way.

I guess they don't want to talk to someone who has "real" experiences and is actually capable of doing remote viewing. Capable of doing it without ever taking a class.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 No one has answered my questions. No one said, You're psychic.

I guess they thought I already knew that.

If you are going to do remote viewing, be sure to find a great teacher. My guess is that they are few and far between, if they exist at all. Be sure to ask them before-hand if they will give you the time of day if you have any questions. Some of them are just out to make money.

Remote viewing had changed my life in very negative ways. I don't go out much anymore. I don't talk with people much anymore. I don't watch TV much and I don't read the news much anymore. This is the only thing that I've found that truly helped. Along with prayer and grounding. The prayer and grounding were not enough without the avoidance of the mentioned resources.

 I had a lot of anger and resentment because of the experiences I have had and the fact that no one seems to even care. I sometimes wonder if people are even worth the suffering. If they are worthy to receive the gracious gift of me telling them anything ahead of time.

If they could have just shown me some kindness and compassion, If they could have understood me and what I was doing, I am sure I would not feel this way.


KlaraVoyet KlaraVoyet 41-45, F 16 Responses Apr 2, 2012

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My first experience with RV started in 1999, but it was not until late 2000 that I became aware of the ability to RV, by 2003 I could have RV sessions at any time in my apartment or vehicle, by late 2003 I was able to RV in class at a bar etc. I am actually scared of some of the things I have witnessed. You just described my life. I know exactly what you are living, I too am at the point were I only socialize with family or two very close friends that are into fitness life. I also do not watch any sort of news or contmporary sitcoms. I get peace at Mass in prayer and watching WW2 documentaries. I can watch the documentaries because I have been there so many times they are like old friends that I have made peace with. Note: my RV obsession cost me my soul mate who somehow is also scarred by this activity as well as the life I wanted. i am a succesful person but am very much damaged goods. For 7 years my mind was able to turn off whatever porthole, or frequency allows this ability. It should be noted this was achieved through opioids and downers. As soon as i stopped the using, something i had never done until this period , the ability to,RV on command came back like a gunshot. Heres the real issue I have right now, are these abilities and gifts from GOD or the devil? Also, last year i fell into my gift embraced it again and essentially began to dream walk on certain people. I believe these individuals are aware of this and some one or a group have been able to enlist the services of some one or persons to run a counter esp type excercise. The tactics employed are not the same as what you and I experience it is much more like a demonic occult like activity. This does not affect me personnaly but i have to watch out for outside intrusions. Just last week I was able to confirm who one of the individuals is by driving to the city were I felt energy was coming from on a random day at a random time. Note: this city has a population of 280,000 people or more and is a sprawling metro area. i literally just let my gut tell me were to go and no joke, I walked into a local buisness discussed wtih a patron about nothing particular, and no more than five minutes later the person I suspected walked in. i havent seen this individual in 15 years and have not lived in said city for 10. It was my way of saying dont play games with me, I do not need a hired hand to play mischief. But to that end it was self defense and a statement of fact. My advice to you is keep the faith lets walk with Christ, and I believe I can close this chapter in my life. since I pulled that stunt i just spoke of I have been sleeping really well.

You Were bless with a gift and now are evolved.its going to be hard at the top.and your a good person for even caring but its not your problem no good deed goes unpunished good pe
ople died first,because these animals with no compassion love to kill the messenger and not the evil person thats harming them

*lol* I was evolved before. I know it isn't my problem. Thank goodness all the good people of the world that do truly good deeds don't say to themselves all of the time that it isn't their problem or nothing good would ever happen and no one would help others out of kindness. Thanks for the comment.

hey I can get you help with turning it on and off!! is there a way to contact you? Rather keep the response private

One of the things I've considered about these experiences is that my subconscious learned remote viewing as a habit, resulting in these things happening automatically and without effort or much direct focus.

Did I ever mention the "monkey brain" model? There is some part of our brain that is outside our highest level of cerebral consciousness. Due to it's more primitive nature, it can't store memory conveniently like the cerebral cortex can. So instead, it processes information for us and then just tosses it up to consciousness, repeatedly if necessary. And although it is considered technically to be inferior to our cerebral region, I believe this is a mistaken evaluation. Many super-bright people experience their special abilities with the aid of their monkey brain.

One day my monkey brain became much more dominant. I think it was because I was seeing myself in the "Sheldon" character on "The Big Bang Theory." Something got, let's say, unrepressed, and now my vocabulary is total recall instead of total recognition. As a result, I don't even know in advance what complex or arcane words are going to tumble out of my mouth. Then my husband and I laugh at me, and then I go and look the words up--and they are always correct. My monkey brain is not just throwing up ideas--it's assisting my conscious brain with a deep reservoir of unconscious knowledge.

The last thing is that the monkey brain can be controlled and trained. At first I said "thank you Monkey Brain," just to acknowledge its existence. But more recently, I have learned to set it on "search" for a word or idea I can't remember, and within one minute of my request, I get the answer. It is really becoming a valuable resource.

Did you ever consider you may be straddling multiple personal realities? By that I mean you communicate regularly with your other-reality selves? Since we do live in a multiverse, it would follow that all things happening in each could be on a different linear time schedule. You, however, actually see and experience the others as if they were your own. Small wonder they would come true, since in those realities, they ARE.

Interesting. Truthfully I haven't given it much thought.

Perhaps not. But one of you certainly has.

That's actually not a bad theory. Astrophysicists have proposed that time is actually part of who we are--kind of a limitation in our level of intellect. Time only exists in our minds.

I watch every astrophysics program I can, because it is all so fascinating. I know that it is how many questions about psychic events will eventually be answered. Meanwhile, since astrophysicists are so highly respected (astrophysics is a "hard" science, meaning that events can be predicted and test results replicated), they are like the big brothers of parapsychologists. These two fields are going to meet in the middle one day.

Thank you for posting this story. It seems like this has such a negative impact on your life and i pray that you find solace sooner rather than later. I have had some experiences myself, though, not to the extent that you have. In fact, the things I've experienced almost seem like they are flukes, rather than any sign of psychic talent. A few years ago, I was house hunting with my mother.. i dreamed of the one house we saw that day and just knew what it looked like inside before ever going in. When I did, I was in shock and just wanted to leave immediately (was about 22 at the time). Before that, i was a teenager (about 15) and talked to a boy on the Internet (I lived in Ohio and he in PA). At one point, we agreed to mail photos of ourselves to each other. I was very curious wondering what he looked like, and concentrated really hard, then I got an impression of a person.... I received his letter the next day and honest to G*d, the photo of the boy was EXACTLY the person I envisioned, pose and all. I was beside myself with what i was seeing and threw the pic away.
I've had a few more experiences but don't want to put them all in this one post... Just think that this is interesting when this happens and notice that I have to concentrate hard to find out what I want. I've told my husband about some of these things and he just thinks I'm crazy (he doesn't believe). I don't know what to think........

Sounds to me like you were experiencing remote viewing. Precognition if you will. I consider it to be a from of E.S.P. I don't really care what other so called know-it-alls consider it to be. If they wanted me to respect their opinion they would've spoken to me about it. Anyway remote viewing was considered by some many, many years ago to be a form of telepathy. You may find the story of Mary Craig interesting. I did.

Lol I like your attitude about the so-called experts and I'm delighted that you are feeling better! It makes me feel bad when people hurt, especially when things are out of their control. You have been given this incredible gift and I hope that you get the support and understanding that you've been denied. I know that the way you feel/felt stinks but have faith that things will improve!

On another note, I did read up on Mary Craig...definitely interesting. Thanks for the suggestion! Things do seem to come to me when I sit and concentrate. It happened this weekend again and that's what prompted me to look a little deeper into what's going on. I don't try to do this too often though...

I'm sorry you had to go through this pain....I too have known things prior to their occurrence ...not as intense as you but still true....Society tends to overlook much of this super sensitivity as un is special...and society is full of special people who are not's an odd phenomenon ...the only thing we can do is trust in ourselves and believe in the power of you are an incredible person....gifted and unique...

Thank you. I'd like to say the same thing about you, You are an incredible person, gifted and unique.

I consider it to be normal. It's just a part of who and what I am. We live in a very judgmental, prejudice society, in my opinion. People don't ask questions about such things so they can not learn. They don't even try to understand. Seems they just assume they know what it is and what it's like. How could they if they don't experience it and aren't willing to learn about it. I don't know. Think I'm rambling now.

Special? Maybe. Rare? It sure does seem to be.

Thanks for your comment.

<p>It just doesn't make since to claim you are doing research and looking for people with certain skills and abilities and then not respond to them when they contact you.</p><p>Why would I keep taking on-line tests when they didn't knowledge me and the things I'd already done. Why would I keep giving them free information when they haven't acknowledged the information I'd already given them?</p><p>If they were not and are not capable of recognizing something when it is right in front of them, should they be doing the research in the first place? I think not.</p>

Don't beat yourself up over tsweeney's remarks, Klara. Many times I've given people the benefit of the doubt, long after I should have withdrawn my trust. If life does not come with a manual, then that goes doubly for psychic life. We put up with so many people challenging our credibility, that we don't always recognize when it is time to walk away.

It goes against psychic nature to just check out and live the life of a non-psychic person. It reminds me of a short story I read about a man who gets lost and then trapped in a valley where all the other people are blind. I think at the end the man either blinds himself or is blinded by others so he can fit in.

Putting a more positive spin on tsweeney's remarks, I say let the healing begin.

Also, (and I've said this so many times, it's like my mantra) everything has changed now. EP is hosting a robust and dynamic community of psychic people. I feel like I've been idling in neutral all my life and suddenly I'm moving forward. The Internet is such an amazing repository of information. You and I and everyone else here are building a psychic knowledge base, one conversation at a time. We are making a difference.

As for psychic wounds, I've got plenty of scorch marks to show for my efforts, but I try to stay resolved and resolute. It is very hard to remain unscathed as a psychic. We are unable to shield ourselves from this invisible universe. My worst psychic injuries occurred when I wasn't even trying to be psychic.

Consider the athletes we saw at Sochi last week--they dedicate years of their lives to the attainment of such a seemingly ephemeral goal. If they are lucky enough to be on the medals podium, they often have tears streaming down their cheeks. It is the nature of the human heart to give everything.

Last summer when my dad died, I tried to look forward and not back, and I'm still working on this now. But it's like the Hotel California--you can check out, but you can never leave. And that really is life.

Thank you E. :oD
Believe me, I won't beat myself up over it. My thoughts tend to lean another way.

One thing I know for sure, with some people, is that they'll say things like that just to get you to talk and tell more about yourself. I either give them something more or I don't. I felt like talking. No big deal.

What I mean is, he doesn't know all and everything about what I've been through. But I do think a part of him meant well. He must just like things cold, hard, cut and dry. No offense Mister.

Yeah, I didn't quite get where he was coming from--maybe grumpy, but not a troll.

I try to have one or two good responses or comments here each day. I'm really enjoying the crafting process of writing. Writing was always a chore for me, but in the last few years it actually entertains me (I probably laugh at my own jokes too).

I'm kind of adopting a "casual privacy" policy. I try not to be afraid of revealing some things. This is the right time in my life to share what I know. But it is always necessary to use common sense. A couple times when somebody has said something creepy in a response to me, I've just hit the eject button (the "X") and they're out of there.

Yeah, if he's a troll, he's done some homework. That would be freaky Seriously, I don't think he's a troll.
Sometimes I'm a Grumpy Gus myself.

Grumpy Gus....good one.

I see it like this, commenting on a persons story is like coming into their personal space. Like entering their house. If the subject is a sensitive one for them then one should comment with consideration and tact. It's funny that E.P. had the put that comment in the response place to tell people to reply with respect. People are so screwed up that they don't know that already. and some of them don't pay attention to that or even care.

It seems that he misunderstood what I was saying about taking tests and took what I said up there out of context. Assuming that I continued to take tests and still got no response. I stopped taking tests when the amount that I was told in the beginning was needed were finished. I didn't test anymore there or elsewhere. Why would I want to after that experience and the things that I experienced for years after. I was way to disappointed and freaked out to. As I've told you before, I contacted just about every place I could find just a few years back and still found that no one really cared.

They evidently didn't understand what I was saying, what I was experiencing, and they didn't care to find out. So much for research.

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My heart goes out to you. I can't say I have remote viewing, but I'll intuitively know things a head of time. The only times I did struggle with it is knowing that a loved one will be hurt. I didn't always know who it was so I would wait for the phone to ring.
You mentioned if people would be grateful to learn of an event a head of time. I found out the hard way that they don't. I can do health scans and saw on a co-worker that he had an issue. I told him to watch for it and he became irate. I will never do that again unless someone asks for help. I've "stumbled" across my skills & have learned on my own. I've learned I became sensitive to the dark side and had to turn it off. I do it by being determined I will turn that off. It's like having a stern talk with myself. I wish you the best. I do believe there's an answer out there for you to find peace. It's just finding the right people. Take Care, WM

Thank you WarriorMom. I'd read something you'd posted in the past after I first joined so I recognize you. :o) Yeah I don't tell people I'm not close to anything. Haven't really been in the position to. I guess if I knew someone could be hit by a car I'd say for them to be careful crossing the street. If I didn't know them at all &amp; didn't expect to see them again, I'd say more. Funny thing, after posting this story, I felt somewhat better. It just keeps getting easier and easier to handle. Less dark now as well.

I empathise with you and l agree many people who write books as 'authority on the subject' do not want to be confronted by someone as real as you because it leaves them with little to say and detracts from their own sense of importance. Don't take it personally, don't be hurt by them. I hope you find some genuine help and interest soon.

Thank you for your kind words. Your comment is truly appreciated &lt;3
Respectfully, KlaraVoyet.

you are most welcome.

Hello ,

I am writing you because I care, Others may not but I care. I am still thinking of
studying remote viewing. I need to because of my money problems. I will help others

just love yourself and help when you can. Some people do not want to be save.
I work in a health care for years and I have discover some people do not want help,
Companies do not want your to save them, These patients are there cash cow,

I care about you and I am sending you love and peace. May God heal your heart and spread laughter in your soul. Be blessed always.,

Thank you &lt;3 Wishing you many blessings too. :o)

I really hate to hear of anyone having real bad experiences. Exploring the outer limits of exsistence can be draining to say the least. Just curiosity on my part, no need to answer if you don't want to...Have you ever listened to 'Coast'? I listened for years back in the day. I haven't listened for some time now though.

Yes, actually I have. Was telling a friend not that long ago that I used to listen sometimes when Art Bell was still on. I haven't listened much since.
I have had some good experiences with remote viewing as well. It was just pure hell for about three and a half years.

In the early 1970s, Harold E. Putoff & Russell Targ tested remote viewer Ingo Swann at Stanford Research Institute (SRI)...This work was funded by the "Parapsychology Foundation" and Edgar Mitchell's Institute of Noetic Sciences, which you mention in your story........The SRI team later published scientific papers on remote viewing in prestigious journals as "Nature",.. in "Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers" (IEEE)(Puthoff & Targ 1976) & in the proceedings of a symposium on consciousness for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Puthoff et. al. 1981)...<br />
In 1984, remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle was awarded a Legion Of Merit award for his remote viewing efforts.<br />
It seems to me that what you are looking for is a way to "turn off' your own remote viewing that it's not a constant drain on your life........Wohali mentions "centering yourself" & "grounding", both of which might indeed help......Meditation is a method of "centering" yourself, and "grounding" yourself is an important thing to learn to do before meditating, or you'll just become an "empath" who is wide open to all the thoughts & feelings of others, both negative and positive.<br />
Finally, I strongly suggest you read up on Robert Monroe, who wrote 3 books on Out of Body Experiences (OBE), which is not exactly the same as remote viewing, but, unlike many others, he wrote as a skeptic & a scientist, (which he was), so his books are written from a scientific viewpoint......I'm currently re-reading his first book, "Journeys Out of the Body" might want to read it too, it might help you get some perspective on the relationship between remote viewing and OBE's.....I hope this helps.

Thank You. :o) &lt;3

Sounds a little like what Edgar Cayce had. You (and he) were in touch with the akashic collection of all mankind's experiences, past and future.

Thanks, I appreciate that :-) Most people don't seem to notice these things

I forgot to add, Edgar Cayce did his preceiving in his sleep/ trance like state, I do it awake. He was fortunate to have people actually acknowledge and listen to him.

Yep. It's why he was called the sleeping prophet. Doing such visions awake would be unsettling, but I'm guessing you are adjusting to it and will find a way to enfold it into your enlightened existence.

I have not called my experiences 'remote viewings' but true prophetic visions, but l suppose they are really remote viewings.They happen usually in the daytime occasionally during sleep.

It's sounds to me like you are describing precognition and or premonition. I think that most would say that remote viewing is in the current. More like telepathy. Don't know really since I can't ask anyone but myself at the moment ;o) Never could get any answers from the ones claiming to know so much. Anyway, I believe these things are easily tied-in together.

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I wish I could help.

Do you know anything about it or are you just being incredibly nice?

Nice? Wish I could help but I know nothing.

The primary thing is to center and ground yourself first. The "sights" will always come and if you have a strong foundation for yourself, even though they will be painful to bear, you will be able to bear it. You should also allow for the good ones and happy ones that will come. Be careful to what you open yourself to as well. It is rather like a radio or TV, you can tune in what you will and out what you don't with time and practice. And, I do not think we are given more than we are able to bear, but we may have to learn how to bear it. I do not think that anyone can tell us how to reach that "place", only help show the way. I will send you some of the things that I do and hopefully they will help. I know that seeing the deaths and destruction that we often do can be very disturbing. This is proof of our humanity and a loving soul. But, knowing that death is not the end, may be a source of comfort for you as it is for me. We only use 1/6 of our brains and there is a lot more that we can do and control than we think.