Another Dream

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything, but here's one of my many updates (finally decided to stop procrastinating, but only because this has been tugging at my mind ever since the night I had the dream.)

So, in the dream, I was having this massive fight and it was to the point where I knew I most likely wouldn't come out of it alive unless I could find a way to trick the enemy, so I ran and tried to strategize at the same time. At one point, my hand felt weird and when I looked at it, I saw this magnificent yet simple design of lines and spirals and it was awesome! It was a sort of peach/very light red color...kind of reminds me of the collor of grapefruit juice, actually...and it started about mid-forearm and ended at my hand, but half my middle finger, my entire index finger, and my thumb were mostly unmarked.

Well, at one point, I fell (gosh dangit for clumsiness) and stood up, turning around to fight. I dunno...I just felt more powerful, and confident, I raised my hand, as if to shield myself, and shouted, "Get away from me already!" and this massive blast of energy shot out and struck the enemy square in the chest, sending the poor fellow flying!

Well, as grateful as I am for the markings on my arm and hand, I have to wonder...what are they? A very knowledgeable friend of mine said they could have been markings created by my own energy...can that really happen? Well, I'd imagine in dreams it can. And even if it could happen in RL, I have to admit I wouldn't really be surprised...I mean, with everything that I've experienced, it takes a lot to surprise me.

Anyway...does anybody have any idea what they are and what they mean?
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1 Response May 12, 2012

I'll look into it, thanks!

For me as in astral world, in that dangerous time, it could be your energy been explored and focused in area that you oftenly use and make energy weapon, the energy will blast out of your body through that area when you pointed to somewhere. Becouse your energy have growth, you feel much stronger after that and ready to use it again. This energy just can be used to astral being, human barely could feel the energy, migjt be for them it just like warm of body aura.

Odd thing is, I don't use my left hand as often as my right, though I am ambidextrous in several things. Yet I think my left may be my hand for energy because my right hand is more accustomed to being injured and such, making it my fighting and defense hand for phsyical threats.

What i mean by you oftenly use, wasnt as human but in your past live, you oftenly use to explored energy or make weapon by the energy. Yea, as what you said.