Ojuila Bored Experience Why I'm Psychic That's Why Because Of My Sister

My story is truth because when I was 19 years old before my sister & her friend play the ojuila  bored I know that was a bad idea I told her it's not a good idea will she play any way with her friend name Jackie Now this year I see ghost I think that's how it started when I was 19 I see 3 ghost in my house even the bike path every day every time I walk the dogs by my self in La jolla California in the bike path I see this spirt of this 7 or 8 years old he his a little boy who like play games like hide go Seek or peek boo in trees even the bench I will see him wearing white shirt white pants even a white hat I don't know what's this Little boy name I see every time in the bike path My other story is about this little girl who was gone missing in 2007 in may 3 I did not know about this person only my dreams even her aberration I never see her photo before when the news people find out when she was missing long time ago my mom have to drive my brother somewhere it was just me & my 2 dogs the door was lock even the windows I was waiting near at the window I had a strange feeling that someone was there with me it was 8:39pm I for got what day it happened went so fast I turn around my right hand side I saw this a women aberration walking in the kitchen passing me I was so froze that I can't move or scream I know it was scared at first all I remember my heart was beating faster & her name came up next day her name was MADELINE M I don't know her last name next day I draw her what she look like she was 16 years old when I saw her she had dark brown hair with black eyes with a pony tail & she white skin & she was wearing a old fashion dark black & gray dress I saw she was not wearing any shoes only her dirty feet just walking by in my drawling I realize that she have 2 abused marks around her neck I only see her aberration front of me I only see them in my dreams it was wried to see her in real life front of me um last week when I came back from Los angles I heard the news there was a little girl who gone missing in london her name was MADELINE MCCANN I was so shock when they show the name on the news I was shock because it was the same name I saw in my dream I spell it right that was freaky & scary at the times when the show photo What she look like I was still shock it was same person in my drawling even my dreams & real life shes telling me she's not alive she dead someone kill her she thinks her parents did it she say I don't why they did it she wants answer why they kill her I'm not joking ghost is real even Psychic is real my story is real what happened when I was 19 yes I still see them 100% real ...
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Did you write this whole story on your cell phone? Remember, subject-verb-punctuation. Thanks for sharing but it gets difficult to understand.