I Really Need To Talk.

Hi, am 20yrs old and for my whole life, I have seen spirits. There are these things I see that I call 'shadows' and they are basicly white-ish lines that swirl and take forms (some I can recognise like people, some I cant.) I call them shadows because when I was very young, I pointed to one and asked my Mom what it was. She couldn't see what I see so she thought I was pointing at a shadow on the wall. She Said "It's a shadow." From that moment on , thats what I called them. At age two, my mom got my eyes checked. I had 20/20 vision and there was nothing wrong with my sight. When I was little, I would say weird things. In kindergarden, I played a shepard for my christian school play. My Mom walked in my room (I didn't notice her) and saw me in my costume, looking at my reflection and spinning around. I had a peaceful smile on my face and I stopped spinning, looked at my reflection and said "I can't wait to be back there." At that moment my Mom asked me "Back where, Carlee?" I jumped, surprised, than became confused and replied: "I don't know."
As I got older I got a dibilating auto immune disease. The main symptom is pain but at age eight, my doctors couldn't find what was wrong with me so, believing it was in my head, they sent me to psycho therapy. I was evaluated and shown that I have no mental illness and later the doctors realised that it was NOT in my head and I was indeed very sick. Why I mention this is because I have been evaluated so I can conclude that I am sane.
Through my journey with my disease I have gone to many psychics and spiritual healers. They seem to feel that I have psychic abilities, am an old soul, and that spirits are drawn to me. Ine woman said that I see so many spirits because my soul is like a light and it draws spirits that didn't go to the light in. Someone else also told me (and this scares me) that in a past life I put many people to death, but I thought I was doing the right thing. After he said that, I stopped all I was doing, cleared my mind, and apologized to any and all I had hurt and told them I hoped they could pass on. At that time, many of the spirits left.
I have also had angels talk through me to give advice to those in need.
Alos, there are things I just know taht I shouldn't. I now believe that in that one life where I put people to death, I was a doctor in an insane asylum. That terrifies and sickens me because I am a very caring person.
So please, if anyone has any comments, thoughts or suggestions I really would appreciate it. I have friends I can talk to about most stuff, but not this. Thank you!
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How do you learn about these experiences ?
Is it a knowing ? Or is it a voice you hear in your head or do you have visions in your dreams? Do you meditate ?

I am sorry about your immunity disease.....can your Guides help you with that ? Have they offered any suggestions for improving your health? I hope things get better for you.

Good Luck to you.

It is just a knowing. I do medicate on occasion. My guides aren't really able to help at this point, but that's ok. I have gained a lot of understanding on the issue. In many ways it has deepend my spirituality.

Medicate or meditate ? Just kidding...........lol

But I saw that you had a problem with drug addiction. Was that from pain killers ?
I have never been prescribed anything stronger than percocet and when I had those given to me, I never took them.

I hope your recovery is going well. Good luck.

Keep posting stories about your metaphysical experiences, I love to read new ones. :)

Meditate. Lol. The auto correct on my phone just bruised my ego. Lol.
Yes I became addicted to drugs I was prescribed for pain due to an auto immune disease. I did not abuse them, but I did become addicted to them. I understand when you hear that, it probably brings the credibility of my gift down quite a bit, but my gifts didn't start when I started taking the pain killers. I have always seen spirits.
And I have been sober since may 11, 2012 and my life is beautiful.

No, You did not lose any credibility. Those drugs are powerful in too many ways.

I have had numerous metaphysical experiences in my life, but I have never been able to control them. I am always reading what others have experienced and what they do.

Good luck on your recovery !

Well I hope you get some clarity on your experiences. :)

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carlee - be careful with psychics. Many of them are here to feed you falsehoods and lead you astray and make you think wrongly about yourself. There is no reincarnation or past life. You didn't lead a past life where you killed people. They probably told you that because they can see your special ability and they want you to think of yourself as intrinsically evil, to prevent you from doing your mission which is good. I believe basically everything else you said.

Also, there probably really was a doctor from an insane asylum, but it wasn't you, because there is no reincarnation. Instead, the soul of that doctor visited you and he imparted to you some of his memories and visions, so that you would think that you were him.

Thank you. I do now know that I am here to do good. I believe I can help a lot of people. I have also learned not to substitute anyone's judgement for my own and I take everything everyone else says with a mixture of a grain of salt and humility. I am actually pleasantly surprised that everyone seems to believe me and not think I'm crazy.


Hi I can see things like you do. From my experiences with spirits/souls I've found 2 types of spirits/souls. Light spirits/souls ( angels, guides and lost spirits/souls ) and dark spirits/souls ( poltergeists, demons and other negative beings ). Angels and guides will help you and lost spirits/souls might need your help to find peace and move on from this world. Poltergeists and demons can be removed from this world the first step is to not fear them ( fear is what fuels them, without it they loose their power ) poltergeists are attached to a item you must destroy the item in fire to get rid of them. Demons are different they are free spirits and can move freely threw this world you can get rid of them in OBE. Negitive entities ( dark spirits/souls ) can cause illness, pain and anger that is why we must get rid of them.

Thank you. I have only really come across good spirits, guides, and angels. I only had like one time where I came across a negative something. (I dont know what it is.) I didnt fear it, i actually got angry that it was trying to intimidate me. Other than that everything has been good.

That is good. The most commonly seen dark spirits/souls are demons there are ways to get rid of them and like I said its important not to fear them.

Not to sounds negative, but one thing I\'ve learned from the Warrens is that destroying an object that someone attached themselves to doesn\'t \"destroy\" them, it simply detaches them from it and they can go elsewhere. This is why it seems like they disappear. However they may not leave and simply attach to something else nearby to go to someone else.

From what I\'ve learned destroying the object severs their connection to this world meaning they become just like a demon then you can get rid of it, these aren\'t really things to read and just try you need to know what you are doing or you can make things worse

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Holy crap...rad!

Oh thanks. :)

I'm here for you :)


I do not know what to say... yet I know they are here.... mail me if you are free... take care

If you want to talk..message me :)

Thankyou... Do you have any experience in this?

Our family is in the same boat - don't ever doubt what you see as it is very easy to do so. Also, your friends should be dependable and should allow you to discuss whatever it is that is on your mind. Try it - maybe they will be receptive :)

Yeah, my best friend knows and is great about it. :)

See - that is progress :) Never know til you try kinda thing! What did he/she have to say about it?

I openly told her a couple years ago. We were on the phone and she was quite for a moment. I was scared she thought I was crazy, but then she admitted to me that twice in her life she has seen things she can't explain and that she believed me. I think it helps that her mom is easily the most intuitive person I ever met. She doesn't speak English well, so she is very protective of her daughter because she knows that if something ever happened to my friend, she would have a hard time getting help. I have seen my friend step outside of her home and immediately her phone went off. It was her mom asking her why she was the outside the house. She just had the feeling and they live poor, so there is no way her mom can keep tabs on her when she is at work.

Awesome, at least you got some feedback from her and it was positive! You aren't crazy! :)~ Told ya!

Haha! Thank you. I will only tell people (not counting on here since chances are I will never see the people on here face to face.) that I truly trust about my gift. My close family knows, believes me, and supports me. My bff is the only friend I have told though. :)

wow !

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I like to discuss on this issue of paranormal activity

Anytime. :)

hon add me here & yahoo there .. we chat..xoxo

I'm looking for my Snow Fairy. If you can give me any clues as to who or where she is, I'd really appreciate it.

I would like to start by asking you a question if the church tells you that seeing spirits is wrong and that being what you are is wrong. Why would you go their for solace? I ask you this because i found myself in your shoes when i was much younger. you can not change what you are. you've been granted a gift one that 1 in 18,0000 people are born with. its not the rarest of gifts but its a very important gift. One you should take very seriously. You have a duty a responsiblity to your soul your path and your creaters, to do. You may not realize you took a oath to help and serve all earth kind, but you did. Seeing what you see is your way of helping. you must follow your gift to the ends of the earth. do what it is you where ment to do. No stopping or listing to nay Sayers and people who can't believe. because the very sad truth is they are obsolete. They are the past the way this world used to be you are a part of the future the way the world is growing to become once again. A high evolved human. One not tied to notions or make believe. A seeker of truth faith and unity. Be strong have faith in yourself and what you where born to do. there are not enough of us. You see the world is changing fast and their are far more spirits then humans now. a balance must be restored. The people who do that are the extra special, the gifted like you and me and others on here. There are so many types of us. Look to those like you don't look to those who oppose you for understanding and acceptance. Seeing ghosts is a gift never let anyone tell you differnt. Everyone has karma they must pay for. This notion that you ask someone to take it all away and whip you clean is bull because that can't be done. even their ways tells you this. We must Reep What We Sow that means. I can't take your karma away and make you clean and new again. you have to pay for what you do. but i can help you while you do it. look for answers dear. not dogma remember i'm here if you need

This means a lot to me. I went to church because I am trying to look into the things I believe in Christianity. I dont agree with all of it, but some things I still hold close to me. Ive been on a very emotional journey for 12 years and have learned to see the positive in almost anything.

Many people feel they have had similar experiences. I suggest you post a story in the past life experiences group. There is more than just one perspective on this sort of thing even if people tell you otherwise. God made you just the way you are so accepting your reality is not a sin. And even many christian people believe in modern prophecy and god's ability to speak to and through anyone. Good Luck. I hope you can find some like-minded people to help you. Don't believe everything people tell you, but make up your mind ba<x>sed on your own experience and WISE and TRUSTWORTHY council.

Thanks, I think your right in that I will have to find the answers myself and I do believe god loves me the way I am. :)

Carlee, I am speaking from experience... You said you are Christian ?... If so then you believe in God the father Jesus Christ the Son and the power of the Holy Spirit ?... If so then your suppose to follow sc<x>ripture and not listen to what people have to say... People will get on here and praise you and encourage... sc<x>ripture says do not communicate with spirits nor give place to them... sc<x>ripture leads and guides us to renounce all evil practices... Yes everything you described is demonic activity; I don't doubt for a minute that you have experienced all those things from a young age... I have also had similar experiences but can tell you I learned the hard way... That we are not suppose to associate with them... Everything people are telling you about past life and spiritual powers are lies... The bible says we are born and after death comes the judgement not that we reincarnate from a past life. So quite believing lies and get true biblical answers.

Thankyou so much for your words, and even though I am in a soul searching place, I can often forget that I can go to God for answers. Such an obvious thing to do, but I can easily get distracted and feel lost. So thankyou.