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And They Call Us A Myth

I don't know about you but I am personally getting sick of people who exercise prejudice and say all sorts of bigoted things about "psychics."

First off, they don't even know me. They know little or nothing about E.S.P. and they don't even have enough common sense to educate themselves on the subject before they start spewing out a bunch of senseless narrow-minded crap about someone or something that, evidently, they can't even begin to comprehend. They say things like, we are all liars. We are only seeking attention. We manipulate and take advantage of people just to get their money. I do no such thing.

My personal favorite is when someone calls one like me crazy or a liar. Wow! How original. That's all you can come up with?  You are obviously insecure and frightened of things you don't understand. I love how you dismiss what you don't understand and throw labels around. Proves my point. 

I'd been thinking of what to compare it with besides racism. I've thought of something that I believe to be a perfect example, the "Dark Irish."

Dark Irish, also known as Black Irish, was considered by some "ignorant people" to be a myth for years and years. I'll bet that some ignorant people still believe that it is a myth. These same people actually expect the Dark Irish to totally disregard their oral history, everything they know and had been taught, that has been pasted down from generation to generation, and see it as a myth just because they could not find any evidence of it. Those people don't want to believe that Spanish and Irish people had children together. In their small minds this was impossible because they don't think that enough Spanish people were around to have had children with the Irish at the time. I personally find that offensive and absurd.

I am Dark Irish. Why would I totally ignore something that my family believed for generations just because others don't believe it? I don't. I am not a myth. I know what I am. I know where I came from and I don't need them to be comfortable with the idea in order to acknowledge what I know to be true.

"I experience precognition every day." I am not going to disregard something I know to be true just because some "idiot" thinks it's a myth.

KlaraVoyet KlaraVoyet 41-45, F 9 Responses Aug 3, 2012

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i know that there are some extraordinary people out there that can perceive things that us so called normal people can't or aren't able to for whatever reason but the awkward part is differentiating between the liars & the truth tellers and i guess this will always happen as the burden of Proof seems so lacking and is almost impossible to show regarding spiritual concepts from one to another in people but knowing you a tad from EP here i'm Quite certain you are the real deal as you have said i was a see er although it seemed you had put me in the back row when i thought i should be sitting somewhere near the front row , ha ha and yeah i do seem to be a tad ahead of myself at times but also think i'm a bit more than that but unsure about what that really is , as you probably know i have beheld in Holy matters and wrestled an Angel by mistake but still saw a thing or two , here's to learning , cheers ! , would like to chat with you sometimes

I agree that there are extraordinary people everywhere that seem to go unnoticed unless it is a sport they are good at or making money, things like that. It just really annoys me sometimes that people are so prejudice. If one confront you as if you are a liar is it not offensive. I also find it odd that most people want to hold those with psychic abilities to a higher standard than they do themselves and others that are like themselves. Like, people makes mistakes but ones with psychic abilities are expected to never do that.
I know it's not impossible to show people proof. What seems to be impossible is for them to accept it as such. They don't want to change their perspective and view on things. It seems to frighten most of them at the very thought of them doing so.

The things I experience really can't be explained to me as anything else. It is the only answer as far as I and others are concerned. I can offer plenty of examples for why I believe this. Personal examples.

I'd love to talk with you more often. Talk about this subject with you would be good I think. :o)

I agree with FurryFace and ClaraVoyet regarding the haplessness of trying to prove psychic events to people who have not had, or have not recognized psychic events in their own lives.

I think I've said this a few times, but it bears repeating. Sometime in the 1980's my friends and I first tuned in to the Internet, which was then a new and untested way of exchanging information across the country or around the world.

One of the first things I wanted to know is if this would be a way to beat psychics out of the bushes, to allow us to talk with each other. I've never really cared about proving the existence of E.S.P. to others, because my family is steeped in psychic stories, going back to the 19th century. I had proof to my satisfaction, and I assumed other people were pursuing answers to their own questions. I have never felt at all motivated to prove to anyone that I'm psychic, because I have a large, extended family that gives me all the validation I seem to need.

So this is how it went down. The first time I checked, there were already thousands of websites related to psychic matters. However, every one that I checked turned out to be fortune tellers drumming up business. So I put a pin in it, till a later date. About five years later I checked again. Now there were hundreds of thousands of psychic sites, once again all selling psychic services. Five years later there were millions of psychic business sites. Once again,, as much as I looked and as far as I drilled down, everything was "psychic services for sale."

That's when I realized that "proof" for the general public would probably never pierce through the cacophony of psychic service sites, hawking their wares.

This year I checked again, and I found the Experience Project. For me, this is the first time I've found a way to communicate with other psychics, and I'm loving it! Some true genius has designed a formula to sort people's comments from random to topical. So personally, I'm thrilled that even one single website stands out, as a forum for psychics to converse.

However, I have already seen several psychic businesses trolling for customers here. I'd like to tell them that this site is intended for non-commercial communication. Unfortunately, EP is not set up to screen content to this degree. I hope this site survives well into the future "as is," but I'm not sure it will. Remember, the psychic service sites number in the millions, probably hundreds of millions by now.

I appreciate why non- psychic people are leery. If I can barely cut through all the misinformation, and I know psychic abilities exist, how can people with no personal information to go on, find anything? And even psychics are affected by the overwhelming social pressure to resist or dismiss psychic matters. Sometimes we are even skeptical of ourselves, and this is first-person proof ("a priori," "I think, therefore I am").

Both sides of the argument are trapped in a purgatory of confusion. I wonder if we'll learn how to screen out businesses, or if we'll be swallowed up by the sheer number of commercial communications getting on board here.

I have no idea which businesses are real, or if any of them are. On American Gypsies, I saw parents grooming their daughters, from a young age, to believe they are the chosen communicators of psychic information. These girls were also learning about the trappings of the business, such as beaded curtains, incense, appropriate dress, and anything else that made them look like fortune tellers. Everyone who is psychic knows it doesn't work this way.

I don't know how (or if) the gridlock will ever break. I've even looked at some of these "research" sites. One of them has already tried to recruit me via this website (to demonstrate my "remote" viewing skills). But even these groups look predatory. Their sites are completely plastered with ads for things like classes and other products that their "candidates" can purchase. This is the classic structure of a scam (if you've ever seen the movie "House of Games"). They make you believe that they are placing their trust in you, rather than the other way around. That's how they reel you in and get you signed up for an expensive experience.

Hey, let's enjoy each other's company while we can. I guess we should take it "one day at a time" for now, and let the future roll out in the traditional fashion.

I see your point and agree with you about the so-called psychics who are only out to make a buck. Fortune tellers. All the scams and schemes of these places claiming they can teach anyone. Etc. They do come across as predators. They only add to the ignorance of the general population on the subject. These types seem to think they know it all after seeing a few episodes of shows or visiting a fortune teller at a fair.

I went the route of trying to prove my abilities by continuing to take tests only to find out that the people that were giving the tests (I.O.N.S.) weren't paying attention. That is the only answer I could ever come up with for their lack of proper contact. If you have a look at their site and dig for a little info you will most likely believe as I did that they are on the up and up. I'm not going to drop a few names here because I'm not trying to promote them. I'd later sent them an e-mail only to get a response that they'd never had what happened to me happen to anyone that they knew of through their site. What a waste of my time. Months of my time. Why would they pass on the real deal? What they claimed to be searching for? Not to mention leaving me with my abilities heightened and out of control, knowing about things that I could do nothing about.

It wasn't my original reason for taking tests but once I was doing them and seeing the proof that I am in fact capable of remote viewing. That I'm really good at it in such a small amount of time. I was able to do it the very first try by the way. I thought that I'd need them, the researchers, to stand behind me so to speak. Give credence to what I am capable of. Thinking I'd need that if I was truly going to help people. A certain type of people. The truth is they are the ones who needed people like me. I could do it without them or anyone like them if I wanted to put up with all the bigoted and ignorant typical crap that common people say when you tell them what you know and how you know it. I thought hey maybe they could clear the path so I didn't have to deal with all that. I truly feel it is their loss. Both the people that were doing the research and the people I desired to help. The world can benefit from the charity of people like me.

It's funny really, to find this place. I was happy to get what needed to be said off my chest. To warn people. I did that as a last resort. After being here a while now I realize that a lot of people with these experiences or people who are interested in this aren't even asking the right kinds of questions to get the answers they are seeking. Too many walls in them blocking their way. People who have these experiences seem still to be hesitant to talk about them. Must be the fear of farther ridicule and hatred being thrown at them.

See, now this is what I love about EP. Absolutely nobody (except a psychic) has to worry about dialing back psychic abilities when they get get heightened and out of control. Let's face it. We need to grouse about our problems to friends, just like everybody else. It's just the daily grind of being psychic.

I don't know if there is any way to organize psychics to assist other people. I know that during the 50's and 60's both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. tried everything they could to find a practical way to use psychics, and they eventually abandoned these efforts. It would have been so cool if it had succeeded, and today I would be going to work at Psychic Consultants, Inc. every day.

Hey, Klara, guess what you're doing right now. This EP thing---this is IT. We are doing the most practical thing we can, just by moving conversations here forward. Scientists tried to turn psychic research into a "hard" science (provable) right away, and that's ridiculous. We need a period during which we analyze and discuss things, build a framework for the field of psychic exploration. All sciences go through a period of theory analysis first.

That last comment you made is what I'm talking about. You are finding people who don't even know what questions to ask. They are afraid to talk. They feel like dorks. This is at least something we can work on, right now in 2013. I think this is great. We are participating in one of the first public forums discussing psychic matters in a straightforward and practical manner.

Funny you mentioned that 50's and 60's thing. I've seen some stuff on T.V. recently, one claiming that it was in the 70's and they stopped doing tests and using remote viewing in the early 90's. Not that long ago a person had said to me that they believed it started during the Vietnam ear. They posed it as a question though. I laughed to myself about that one, knowing that it started well before then. I'm thinking you're the one person here that has ever mentioned that timeframe to me. I was thinking more like late 40's and early 50's that research in that area was really starting here. Can't remember for sure but could find out. I've heard somewhere that it started in Russia first and America had to play catch up and start research because we basically couldn't have them knowing anything we didn't. I personally don't believe that those efforts were ever really abandoned. It's not like they just scraped everything they'd learned. It wouldn't make sense to throw away years worth of knowledge. Besides, they did use viewers during Vietnam if you believe the stories out there right now by the ones claiming they did it for a living. Wonder what will happen when the rest of those guys die off?

I mean I was taking tests not that long ago. Started in late 2006 so they are still looking into it. *lol* Though that place must not have been paying much attention.

Yeah, that would be great if any of those programs have continued. They probably have the same problem as most psychic people. You know, "So I'm psychic. What's up with that?" or "Now what?".

Also, a lot of other fields of study still need to move forward to interconnect with psychic studies. Oddly enough, the science I really get excited about is Astrophysics. There are so many great programs on TV where they spoon feed you the information. I love it for three reasons: (1) I think the dimension of time contains answers regarding premonition, and from there, other psychic matters; (2) It really calms me to feel small and safe when I think about how large and complex our universe is (isn't that odd?---I know it has something to do with my being psychic, but I'm pretty sure the normal reaction is to be intimidated); (3). Astrophysics is fun.

I grew up right in that wedge of time when psychic study was embraced by the general public. People felt like anything was possible, and that the continued extension of knowledge about E.S.P. would never end. Then, it all sort of crashed. I had never been in a world where psychic things (like me) didn't exist before. I've never really forgotten how that transition lurched my life in a different direction.

The reason I think it was going on in the sixties is that I was in grade school then, and the general consensus was that E.S.P. was a scientific endeavor. It helped me to spread my wings because people weren't telling me that I was wrong or crazy. Then in my 20's (80's) my wings got clipped pretty severely. You know, like, "stop talking about that, before the guys in white coats come to get you."

I thought I read about Russian scientific studies in the fifties, but that's all I remember. I'm just not sure.

It's not that bad for me though. My family is psychic and so is my husband. I run into people here and there that are psychic. Now I have this board too.

Besides, I'm madly in love with the physical world. Our time here is finite, so I want to get as much living in as I can. After that, we'll see.

I don't trust those outfits. I think they're in it for the money.

Yes, I know exactly what you mean by the first comment there. :o) I had lofty ideas but that didn't pan out the way I wanted. I'm usually the kind that if something doesn't pan out the way I want and or is not beneficial I ditch it. Don't want to give too much time to uselessness. I didn't quit easily or anything. I really tried. My way or no way at all when it comes to certain matters.

and what I mean by my way is, I have a different way of doing it. Different from others.

I agree with you on 1) definitely. 2) doesn't intimidate me either. 3) do you really like mathematics? ;o) It can be interesting I agree. I've watched programs about the subject as well for the reason.

I grew up with those same beliefs. Still believe anything is possible. I have been told that I'm a person out of their time though, by several different people throughout life. I have a few thoughts on way things such as that may have happened. Reasons why it is kept hush- hush, so to speak,by the ones that know about it.

I'm thinking that's right but am not sure about it either.

I think we are among the lucky ones to have people who accept us and understand us, at least to a degree.

I'm looking forward to seeing ;o)

Me either. I don't really want anything to do with them. Don't want to be bothered with their arses. I think so too.

Talk about good timing. The science channel is running back to back episodes of "Through the Wormhole." The first one analyzed time and the second one is analyzing space.

Morgan Freeman says that time doesn't exist, and we experience the world as past, present and future because of the limitations of our brains. Now that's what I'm talking about. Maybe the skeptics should go pick on astrophysicists for a while. I'm pretty sure skeptics would say that anyone who thinks time doesn't exist is crazy.

Morgan also says that space can't be infinite, or the combined light of infinite stars reaching our planet would fry Earth into ashes. Apparently space is shaped like a bagel, or like a square piece of paper, where the top and bottom join by curling the paper into a tube. The sides would also join, and that's how you get the bagel.

One of the scientists is saying that the power of our brains to reach the edges of the universe is what makes us special. Amen to that.

I'm a CPA....crunch, crunch, crunch.....

You are a person outside time (as we experience it). That is a great description of premonition and synchronicity. I think psychic people have the same problem as psychopaths (sorry, too many true crime shows). Psychopaths think differently from everyone else, so they learn to mimic normal behavior to fit in. I think psychics do that too.

What you said about things not panning out, I do the same thing. I give psychic matters their portion of my time, and then I spend the rest of my time doing other things. But I like this board. Turning on your computer and reading and writing generally indicates a contemplative mood, and the EP board is there to help you sift through ideas. Did you ever think this thread would go on for so long?. Pretty cool.

I think our hush, hush attitude is a direct result of all the bullying we experience.

I'd seen an ad for that show. Thought it would be interesting. It's a shame I'm not able to watch it right now. Unless I can find some episodes on the web. He has a great voice. :o)

"Time does not exist" That's a thought I've pondered from time to time since my mid teens. Time only exist within the Earths gravity field. That's pretty much my understanding of it. Psychics know time doesn't exist. If they don't know yet they will. How else can we see/know things that haven't happened yet, or things that have that we have no prior knowledge of. When it comes to something like remote viewing I believe our limitations are usually a result of what we choose to believe we are capable of. Why put limitations on such things? I made to decision not to. Maybe that's partly to blame for all that past trouble *lol*

As far as the critics insulting and calling some astrophysicist such things as crazy, well, they have been called that and they are still called that. Usually by people less fortunate than them. Right? *lol* Some people have the nerve to say physics isn't real science.

Ah reminds my of Einstein's theory. Must be what's that's based on. People called him crazy. They simply weren't able to understand. Heck I don't understand. *lol* I like to remind myself of that sometimes. Him and other people who were called crazy that were right about what they knew. Things outside of the "normal" or average way of thinking.

I like this board too. Can't let it all go to the dogs. I'm enjoying this conversation, and yes.

That among other things, like fear and persecution.

Yes to the thread. I did know bits and pieces of it. All the main points. Like the topic and what will be discussed. It's usual. It's good. I like to have pleasant experiences to take the place of the ones that weren't or aren't so pleasant. Thanks! Glad we could work this out. :o) I wondered are you really a CPA or joking? Oh so you're good with numbers I said to myself/you. Wondered could you hear me. Seriously.

Yes, I'm a bean counter. Everyone thinks accountants are boring, but it's actually the opposite. They get to do the equivalent of puzzle books (fun) all day. When you are working in an accounting department, you occasionally hear little squeals of joy, or people chuckling. That's because they have just solved a puzzle. It is a fun job.

That thing you said about time not existing, I had a particularly non-deniable premonition one time as I was parking that someone was going to break into my car (I think you've heard this one already.) I said "oh no, not again" out loud. About four hours later a guy stole everything of value after breaking my car's window. Some other guy was watching the whole thing and called the police. That's how I knew when it happened.

It was almost premonition overkill. I said something out loud, someone witnessed it happening---I didn't have a deniability leg to stand on. So all that week I was thinking.....I couldn't possibly know that a thief was coming in four hours. The thief didn't know which car he was going to pick. So, if he didn't know and I didn't know, WHO TOLD ME??? It got pretty metaphysical. Either it was God, or else the future must exist in the present in some manner.

So like you said, and it was an inescapable conclusion---time doesn't exist. Our brains apparently construct time out of necessity, to make sense of the world.

"Wondered could you hear me." I always think optimistically about that. It could have been something so subtle as my mind wandering in your direction at the time. I would have hardly noticed.

Good discussion. Plus, this thread may stay up for years, so newbies can find it and learn from it. So cool.

I can understand that. I like/love solving puzzles. For me premonition can be very much like a puzzle at times.

I've had experiences similar to that so many times that I'd lost count years ago. Doesn't have to pertain to me directly or personally.

Glad you understood the question and are open-minded about it. These things can be very subtle indeed. I'd explain it like, I had the thoughts about what would be said between us, precognition, so I wondered if you'd had it too. So in a way that would be hearing me, as your own thought because you'll see it here later. :o) Make sense?

Yes, it makes perfect sense. For me, all six of my senses are working together like a ballet. I always listen to my thoughts, and I don't assume they are all my thoughts. When conversation goes so smoothly, like the one we're having, it has to be a combination of regular conversation and psychic interplay. Like, I keep getting told by people, "you really 'get' me" or "I was just going to say that." They think I am an unusually empathetic person. I don't ever tell them I'm just an empath. Why spoil their enjoyment of my company by throwing out scary or otherworldly explanations.

I'm not sure I'm to the point of anticipating your reply, but you might be right. This is a new idea for me to consider. It's hard for me to make a distinction between normal knowledge and premonition. Both are tools in my tool belt, and they operate in tandum. But I really doubt I could understand things you say so well if I were operating with only five senses.

If I didn't have psychic ability, I'm guessing I would be overly-sensitive, and much more likely to misunderstand what other people were saying. I would probably require more ego stroking. I would miss the point someone was making and we would walk away with two completely different understandings of what was said.

I think you are right. We probably appear to be excellent communicators to others, when really, we have extra layers of comprehension going on. Almost like cheating, but we're not cheating--it's just who we are.

But I'm going to listen more to see how much precognition is involved. Yet again, another gift from EP. I learn things about myself from everyone here, because we are birds of a feather. This is a great way to cultivate our psychic abilities without making it a chore.

Much of my thinking style actually comes from practicing techniques to become authentically happy. I had to teach myself this because of a bad experience I had twenty years ago. I was directly affected by a violent double murder. It practically destroyed me. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk to other people about it, because almost everything that went down had a psychic component to it. Like, when I and the soon-to-be murderer rode up in the elevator, my knees almost buckled and my stomach flipped when I saw his reflection in the metal doors. In his face I saw the most intense evil I had ever seen. I thought I was going crazy.

So, I've practiced over the years to be positive. Negative self-talk is strictly forbidden. I hang onto that motto, "you are only as mean to others as you're willing to be to yourself." That's one of the best things I've learned, because I don't have to go around gritting my teeth while smiling. I actually am happy. I buzz around the city running errands, and I take on the challenge everywhere I go to make that sales clerk laugh, or tell a nurse or a dental assistant how much I love her earrings or her haircut. I almost never have a bad day, and I know I would not have said that twenty years ago.

I'm pretty sure synchronicity is my strongest trait, because I nearly always have a sense of being guided, and every day is like a sequence of coincidences which fall in my favor. It feels similar to the way I felt when I was participating in high school sports. There most of your thinking involves "muscle memory", another example of special knowledge. It's interesting, now that I think of it, that by learning to rely on muscle memory I was also learning how to "hear" psychic information. Very interesting.

Thanks for the good ideas. It's like the more you sort yourself out, the more you become your authentic self. They say the same thing about companion animals (cats and dogs). The more you take time to give them attention, the more complex they become. All their special quirks and abilities begin to shine.

I need to stop writing! I'm having so much fun teasing out the details, I could write all night. Okay, I have used up today's quota for psychic contemplation.

People(strangers) used to tell me that I put them at ease make or them feel relaxed and comfortable. Not the same thing you've said, I know but still empathy related I think.

I can be overly sensitive sometimes. It depends on what else is going on with me at the time. I can get a different feeling then intended by others. What they are not mentioning.

Funny, I think I'm terrible at communicating sometimes. Others do too *lol* I do see your point though and it's a good one.

I can understand that. Seems this is a right of passage for lack of a better term. Glad you are happy now. :o)

That's a good motto. Understanding some similarities here.

Oh I can be a pin cushion. But that has more to do with my genetic inheritance, which also comes with migraines, hives and allergies to everything, including my own sweat.

Also, no one is 100% every day. But other times it's "like butta" (butter).

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people fear what they dont undertand it happened to me to but dont worry i just listen to my music and really dont try to help people unless they really need it the sterotype we have on us is due to things unseen and unfelt also people trying to pose as physcic

And if we were seeking attention, would it be so wrong to try and save a strangers life?

So true.

very well said! you are right about everything you believe in,these are not superhuman powers,but gut instincts that your submind already knows,most people however are not gifted enough to be able to home in on these capabilities,they are very real,no gimmick! and the people that say otherwise are just to narrow-minded in their own stupid worlds!

Thank you. I don't really mind people being skeptical but they don't need to throw out insults. They shouldn't expect people to want to prove it to them either. They have absolutely no idea what it is like and can't even begin to look at it from my point of view. I think they should do some research and maybe find answers for themselves. Yeah that type is probably just too narrow-minded for that though

People are very cruel and dismissive about anything they do not understand or have not experience .Most people believe ' whatever assumptions or conclusions they come to ,just has to be 'the truth' so that's that!. Psychic abilities are just 'a gift' just as some have an outstanding gift for music or languages or artwork maths etc.,but where psychic abilities are concerned there are many charlaton's that 'jump on the bandwagon' for money or ego.and others that try to study the subject thinking they can 'learn it as a craft' but it is either there as a natural inherent gift or it is not , it cannot be forced.You have a wonderful gift to be proud of.l am sure there are many people who respect you for it. KlaraVoyet.

Thank you. I appreciate your comment. Yes, you are right about many people being charlatans. I just don't like that many people assume we are all the same and we are all charlatons. They seem to think it is okay to insult and slander you simply because they don't believe. It is believed by some people that remote viewing can be taught because everyone has the ability. I personally believe that remote viewing is a form of E.S.P.

You are quite right l find that 'most people' assume all psychics are charatans. l am psychic myself but it is only in regard to my own life but l find it hurtful when l get ridiculed simply because my experiences are outside their own. I have only had one experience of remote viewing and it came unbidden. l have not had any psychic activity for a long time now l seem to only experience it when i am in difficulties.

Remote veiwing started as a curiousity for me. Than I really just wanted to help people. Had great compassion and desire to help. Stress does seem to make it more pronounced.

It is very rude for someone to call you "crazy", or a "liar", but surely you can understand their lack of understanding? People believe what they can see/hear/smell/touch/taste. If you stand up in a Spiritualist Church and tell someone you can see their grandmother, it's no surprise if they're suspicious to the validity of your claim, since you're the only one that can see this 'grandmother', yet everything else in the room is seen by everyone.

I spent several years attending a Spiritual Church and witnessed nothing that convinced me that there were spirits visiting us, or that there was some sort of afterlife. I need something a bit more vivid than vague messages such as "Do you know anyone called Bob in spirit?"

The world's full of liars & bullshitters, so give people credit for not taking what you say at face value

Please don't assume anything about me or what I have or haven't done. I would appreciate that very much. I feel that I should be able to talk about "any" experience that I've had in life and not be called a liar. Thank you.

And some people say Patrick didn't drive the snakes from Ireland. You don't see any snakes, do you? Case closed!

LOL. Some people say the snakes are a metaphor for pagans. I don't know but yeah I've heard there are no snakes in Ireland.

Pagans? I thought it was originally the English!

**giggles** maybe one in the same.

I had just heard the term "Black Irish " for the first time a few days ago and had no idea what that meant until now , so thank you for the explaination . As for the labels that have been thrown at you , you know who you are and that's what's most important . I may not have ever sought the vision of a psychic , though I do know that there are those that have a gift to see what I cannot or do not .