Dreams That Come True

I need to talk about my experiences with people that can relate and have good advise for me. How can i develope this? should i? Sometimes i'm afraid of theses abilities when i talk with close friends about them. They look at me like i'm crazy or completely dismiss the conversation altogether. So i have quit talking to my friends.

I believe my psychic abilities are something i've had my entire life!
it manifest itself to me in many ways. I first became aware in high school when a close friend said to me. Your the only person i know when you say something it always happens dude.

My latest Psychic experience came to me as a dream. One so horrific and real. I awoke right after the dream,so shook up and disturbed. I got up and could not go back to sleep for atleast an hour or more.

The past eight months I was living on an Island off the Gulf coast of Florida. One day before moving back to Colorado on july 9th. "I had this dream" My daughter wanted to go see the premere of the new batman movie, i said ok. We got into the car went to the show and during the movie a man pulls out a gun with a long barrel and starts shooting everyone. Its complete chaos people are dieing all around.

I awoke with my mind made up we are not going to the new batman premere. Its the last day in Florida and we just happend to get perfict fun little waves to surf in the morning. My daughter a friend and i are out surfing it was very spirtial, relaxing and fun. While surfing i told my friend of my dream how disturbing and real it was that it change my mind on going to the movie.

Approxmently a week later. Not far from where i'm living here in Colorado. It happend the unthinkable. A man goes to the batman permere and shoots all thoes people at the movie theater. With the move and my mother's surgery happening also that same week. I didn't put two and two toghter until my friend called me up and said. Dude remember when we went surfing your last day in florida. You told me about your dream and to stay from the batman movie premere. It just happend

Would someone please give me some guidence please. If i can develope this and save just one person its worth it.
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I've been where you are and thou I haven't developed this I can choose to continue the dream or not. What you have to understand is that no matter if you develop this gift you can not hold that type of responsibility. People don't understand there are few limits of the mind once you look into breaking them down. As for developing this gift you have the first step is remembering the dreams and writing them down. Mediation helps the brain focus on what it is trying to do so you may want to invest some time in that. That's all the advice I have so far. All I can say is once you choose to open yourself up to this gift its hard to turn off or stop.

This is similar to some of my experiences. Not sure I believe in developing psychic ability to help mankind or anything like that. My dreams/premonitions always seem rooted in strong emotional situations similar to what you described.

I have the same experiences too. I've had many dreams that eventually come true, but they are all small things, like hearing a friend say something, or being at a certain place at a certain time. I've just let it be, it'll "mature" on it's own.

I have tons of dreams that I remember every single<br />
Day, I can tell and feel the ones that can possibly come true. (which happens a lot) when I was a freshman in high school it was hard for me to go to sleep for I always felt scared once the sun went down. Dreams have always been important to me because most of my dreams have always came true or was a message for me in some wAy.

I'm willing to talk with you about my experiences and yours. May or may not have good advice for you.