Another Odd Thingy

I went to our local movie theater one evening, around 7pm with my wife (now, Ex-wife) many years ago. She went off to get the usual popcorn and small drink.  The popcorn was hers, the drink was mine.  I was tired and sunk into my seat.  It was another hot summer day outside.  The theater was half full, as it was still filling up with movie going patrons.  I glanced around and saw that they had recently added paintings on the walls next to the screen.  These were large, black and white paintings of movie stars from the 1930's.  On the right was Laurel and Hardy, and on the left were the Marx Brothers.  I went into a bit of a daze as I started to think about that.

I started thinking, how many people in this theater even know who the Marx Brothers or Laurel and Hardy were?  I started thinking about their films and suddenly I was thinking, "I used to really love their films, especially the Marx Brothers.  I couldn't get enough of them.  They all were funny and great to laugh with, but that damn war came along and I was forced to serve and then I was killed -- I missed out on that whole era.  What a waste that was...".  All of a sudden, it was as if I came out of a coma.  What and where the hell did that come from!?  I didn't grow up with the Marx Brothers.  My father hated them and refused to allow us kids to watch.  I finally got to see them when I was in my 30s.  Where the heck did I just go?

It is true, I never saw a Marx Brother film until I was an adult, and then I started reading every book I could find on them.  I have this fascination with movie stars on the 1930s and early 40s.  Not so much after that until the 1960s.  I find that odd.  I have memories of dying in 1944, at age 23.  That would place me ideally into the 1930s movie era, when many of the greats were just starting in the age of the talkies.  Interesting.
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