Off Kilter

For several days I have been feeling ...well anxious. Not sick or loss of appitite just Emotionally Anxious. My sister Puddetat, says it is because I am a triple water sign. That is in my horoscope. It makes me sensitive to Psycic Vibrations, spirits all that stuff. My other sister, Floridasweet, says it is my ability to see into other demintions. Well, apparently whatever it is is has been on alert for a few days. A example: we were at the grocery store, at the check out, from the corner of my eyes I see something white flitter to the ground and float under the counter. It was small and I thought it was a piece of paper? It just vanished before I could see it clearly? Ok so that isn't so unusual. We left. As I got to the corner of my street, I glanced toward the neighbors yard at his front door. I saw what appeared to be a man all dressed in white, with a ball cap on his head. I remarked that our neighbor Frank was in the yard. We turned to see and he just faded away like a mist desolving. I called Frank to ask him if today was a special anniversary for him and his son who died about 6 mo. ago? I told him I thought it might be his son. He qiickly dismissed me. I believe he thinks I'm a bit nutty. I know what I have been seeing is real. I have no explanation for what or why. I just KNOW. Those of you that have experienced these sorts of things need no reasons--you too, just KNOW. I would love to hear your stories. Please share with me. Thankyou. mini
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I am Aquarius, but what is a triple water sign ?

I am a water sign too and also see spirit and have many premonitions, people debunk anything that is outside of their own experience, you are blessed with a lovely gift.

People are afraid of anything that they don't understand or think that others will ridicule them for their beliefs.

So true 'DCF'.

No need for you to doubt one little bit, said the double water sign.... (((((Hugs)))))