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Ever since I was a kid, I've had dreams about events unfold. I've felt world events occurring before the news could even bring it to masses. The morning of 9/11 for example, all morning I felt a chill, then walking into class I suddenly receded into my mind, my "shield" went up, then guess what came on? "world trade centers have been hit." I have seen and re-seen my own future, and the futures of others, this world, and the many peoples on it, and I wonder if we were meant to do these things. I know more about what a person is thinking, then they do most of the time, and I feel their emotions, radiating from their bodies. I see through the lies of others, yet am never sure if I was lying to myself, these dreams that I've seen. Steadily now for over a decade and a half, I have been living my life day in and out to my knowledge, anything I want, I alter, and life goes on the same. I've never found another who was so alert to what is around them, the most detail given to consequence of action, and the responsibility of thoughts and words. Everywhere I go, a mist follows, an energy like static electricity seems to cover my skin, yet I can reach out with it, I can feel with it, see with it, even when my eyes are closed.
Is this psychic? I've never known what to call it, to those who see me everyday I have to hide it, those who know I have it, fear it. Have other psychics felt so alone in the world? what does it mean, to better yourself, if the world shuts you out for doing so.
Does any one man know so much, I've never thought so, but with time, it's only gotten stronger and more precise, this energy. I'd like to find others with similar gifts, or similar curses, whichever you choose to call.
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Yeah, you're psychic. ^_^

I've had the same experiences ever since I was 6. I know it's possible but it's not something you will believe without experiencing it yourself