Eye Of The Tiger...

So something really creepy has been occurring. this is an ever-evolving story, so i'll tell you more if i need to.
alright, so first off, i must tell u my friend's dream. (were all psychic so don't make fun of anything i say. this is all real.) she was in an area outside, animals surrounded her. she was wearing an outfit that made her look like a gypsy. she was walking around a lady who was possessed by a, erm... (can't say it for fear i will summon one. starts with a D) so yah. ehem. the lady was screaming at her in an ancient language in hate. But my friend kept walking around her, holding what was a cross between an amulet and a charm. it had a gold charm on it, and had a tiger with long fangs designed on the middle. there was something attached to the back so that a constant dripping of what looked like fangs dripped off the fangs.
well, recently, i was laying in bed, and i thought i saw something move in the hall. my instinct was to pray. this is what i said in my head:
i pray to the lord who stands above us.
i pray to the lord, our saviour.
i pray to the lord who protects us.
~i pray to the lord who watches over me through the eye of the tiger~
that last one was my voice, but not my thought. i'm scared to death because ever since, i have been seeing tigers in every dark crack and corner there is. if you know anything on the topic, please tell me!
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1 Response Dec 9, 2012

Something similar happened to me when I was young and then again when I was about 30. In both cases I prayed and I could feel a very powerful energy lift off of me. I think you should pray and do nothing else until it goes away. Dont let it move you to do anything. Just pray.