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I've always considered myself a spiritual being. Just here latley, ive been having alot of strange dreams, dreams in color, dreams about being attack by a white wolfe, dreams of flying toward what appeared to be a either a white rose or white lotus flower. I also have been having this vibrating, rolling energy up an down the right side of my back and the back of my head, its not painful, its actually feels good, kind of feels like a tickling feeling-sometimes its starts from the bottom of my feet and up to my head, i've had them before but its getting more intense-somtimes while i'm feeling this i hear whispers in my right ear and it feels like someone is breathing down my back-it scares me because i dont want to invite something in if its evil or not good-ive been praying alot for GOD to lead me to some answers and bless me with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding-. I stumbled across this website when i was trying to find some meaning about theses dreams ive been having. Just recently ive been calling on my "loving and wise angels and spirit guides to tell me what it is that i need to know", but sometimes i feel guilty because i was raised to go straight to GOD for answers. I believe that everyone is gifted and there are some people who are able to tap into there gifts better than others. My life has been extremly hard for the past several years and i'm looking for some guidance. If anyone is willing to share there gift with me so that I can gain some understanding about whats going on with me please help? No Fakes, please. I also pick up on different energy when around people to the point were its hard for me to breath-i've been dealing with this since i was a child but havent ever talked about it. I'm very open-minded and invite sincere help. Please excuse the typos...

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I have been dealing with things like this since I can remember and more (although I won't go into that now). I frequently communicate with my spirit guid, and when I was younger I got whispers like this or just a voice. He was trying to reach out to me in times of need. If you clear your mind and then calmly ask "could my animal spirit or guid please show themselves? Could I please get a name?" Often you will hear a name or see a face. Hopefully they will help you.
Also with seeing energy, an old friend of mine once taught me that if you visualize a "bubble" of energy around you it will be more difficult to see the energy of others. Experiment with different colors of bubbles that match you personally. I often use gold and crystal blue.
I hope that helps.

it seems the color white is present in a few of these dreams. White is a very sincere color, it shows flaw very easily, yet outshines all but gold. by your stories I'd say your soul isn't "young" per say, though young to one side of the spectrum. to me white signifies learning, purity, and god. I'd say you were probably a devotee in past lives, though you can only learn so much through order, you'll never learn all without delving into chaos. you say you're attacked by a white wolf, wolfs signify brotherhood, loyalty. Whereas a lotus is a very sacred flower in many parts of the world. being attacked and flying toward something of white, I'd say, watch out for people who say they are like you, they will want you to be part of something bigger, in the name of your god. what happens after is anyones guess, though flying toward the lotus is a very good sign, I think it could relate to someone trying to pull you close, you see through them after a personal "fight" and bring yourself to what you know once you see through the fog (snow) which is the wolfs hunting grounds. with that a personal warning I feel I should give you, don't look at words said, look at the meaning behind what wasn't.

<p>Did you just move to somewhere new? Or did someone close to you just pass away? I can sense other people feelings just by being near them. I have psychic experiences all the time. Sometimes they are wrong though. I think alot of people are psychic</p>

Yes both, I moved back to Georgia in March and got a job and had to quit because it was too overwhelming and it literally felt like something evil was in the office pushing me out and a couple of weeks ago my "godmother" died of pancreactic cancer.