I Think This Is Clairvoyance I'm Really Unsure?

I think this is clairvoyance I’m really unsure?
From the research I've done in mainly trying find out what it is I've been experiencing or what I have experienced in the past. About a good 5 or 6 years ago I had a dream where I was being chased by some zombies and I was fighting them off in a grocery store oddly enough I dropped my gun and there was a zombie right behind me I tried to pick it up but the one right behind me stopped me and I left the gun when I finally decided to back and get the gun that I dropped a zombie picked it up, aimed it at me and I high tailed it outta there before he could shoot it. It’s strange because about 2 year later from that time frame I was up one night watching a movie and there was a scene where a zombie actually picked up a gun and started shooting. It was strange because I had never seen a promotion for that movie, commercial, nor had I even heard of it until that night. I know I have a thing for horror and zombie movies but that was just kind of weird for me.
Other than that there has been a few times where I’ll say a certain word or words even think something and whatever it was I said or thought it’ll end up happening. But the thing about that is that I don’t see the event I’ll just say or think it and it will happen. Another thing is that I've ended up having some conversations with friends of mine and we’ll be talking about a situation and I’ll say that if you keep on doing this or if you do this something will happen and it won’t be good. Bizarrely I've ended up being right all the time and they’ll come back and tell me that I was right.
I’m still unsure if it is clairvoyance or not but I would really like to know if it is that, I don’t have any other experiences that I can recall but those are the only ones I can recall so far even though they aren't very detailed at all.
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Glad your gift is working well...


Geoff x


I think, movie wise, these kinds of situations will happen.....par for the course with the horror genre and things......

In terms of phrases being said and key words used, in certain situations, I have had similar.....sometimes these dreams feel more 'real'....more realistic colours somehow....

Your friend's comments? Guess that is clairvoyance.....

Geoff x

Well this was one of the first few stories I posted because I didn't know anything about the gifts that I had as of now I know that I can see and predict the future and that's what I was doing when I would talk to my friends about their situations.

you should try past life regression. if you do and see anything worth sharing, hit me up, and we can compare.

What is that?

its a trance meditation that;s supposed to bring you back to memories of previously lived lives, an easy but long way to find out who you have been, it can help see who you are and what led you to be that way. if you want understanding about yourself, I'd try it.