What's Happening To Me?

My name is Eve, I’m 13 years old and I’m scared. I’m scared that something bad is happening to me. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or if it is, in fact, true. What’s been happening has been going on for a couple of years now.

When I was younger (about 6) I used to think I saw people, not humans just shadows. I used to think they were my friends but then it just went away and I didn’t see any ‘thing’ again for years. When I was 10 I moved school and met two other people. We were just normal girls who hung out together until something weird happened to my friend, she said she was hearing things. She was hearing voices coming of this crystal she owned and the day she told us my other friend and her were talking while I was in the bathroom. I was never around for the conversation and it was over before I got back but when I got back I seemed to know everything they had just said.

They found it really freaky that that had happened to me but we just brushed it aside and thought it was a coincidence.

When I turned 11 things got even more weird. One night I had this dream me and my two friends were playing a game when all of a sudden she fell over and broke her ankle. The weird thing is the next day exactly that happened. I didn’t tell anyone I just started to look online for things like this happening. I couldn’t find anything that would help.

I started predicting more and more things. Not big things just when something should happen to someone, like what gift they would get or when someone should get told off before anything would happen. I got scared and told my friends and they said similar things were happening to them. Once we all started talking we found out we all had seen the ‘shadows’ when we were younger. Soon I started to develop this thing where it was like I could read some one’s mind but it wasn’t something big like what they were thinking just if they focused on a number or word I would know it. My friends starting having dreams of the future as well. It was getting out of hand and we were really freaked out by what happened. I started being able to talk to the ‘dead’ as well. I wasn’t sure if it was the dead but it felt like it was. I was completely out of control. What I did was I wrote a question on a piece of paper and concentrate on the question. Before I knew it I had blanked out and there was a response on the paper.

Soon after the ‘shadows’ came back. They stayed for longer and we could all see them. We could see them a bit more clearly than before. It was a Victorian woman in one of those puffy dresses. We started researching and we came up with this one Victorian woman because I had written her surname down when I was ‘talking’ to her.

One day we were all in the school bathroom and we saw ‘her’. She stayed for about 5 seconds, not long but still long enough to see. Soon one of the cubical doors started banging open and closed and the hand dryer turned on as well. We started to freak so we ran for the door but it was stuck. Something touched my arm and I jumped back soon something grabbed my friends back and tugged against her, not hard but hard enough to notice. We stood there froze until someone walked in. When they did everything stopped. It was like it never happened.

We never talked about that day again.

Soon after we met someone new. We told them everything and never kept any secrets. She said she knew exactly what we mean because it happened to her. We were so happy other people had the same thing happen to them we all became best friends. Not long after we found out all along she had lied to us. She had faked being able to see ‘her’ and made up all the dreams she had.

We all fell out but I still kept one of them as my friend.

When I was 12 one of them moved away and it all seemed to stop. I never saw ‘shadows’, I never had any more dreams and I thought it would all just end there and never happen again.
Last October I had a dream that someone was going to die in a car crash on that month. I didn't know who it would happen to, the people were all blurry. I freaked out every time I went into a car. On Halloween I was going to my friends for a sleepover. I told her I had a feeling someone was going to die in a car crash but she didn't take me seriously. Later that night I checked the internet for car crash deaths that month. My dream had come true. I told my friend and she just thought I had looked it up earlier and I was lying.

I didn't know who I could tell without making myself sound crazy so I decided to keep it to myself.

I have started to see the ‘shadows’. This time it just looks like they are mocking me, watching me. When I sit down in a school assembly and I sit at the back I see ‘shadows’ walk behind me but when I check to see who it is I see no-one. I hear voices, they aren't words they are just murmurs. All I can tell is it was a woman’s voice. I started to remember everything that used to happen. Everything I was hoping to forget. I’m scared. They are following me around everywhere I go, I am hearing things in my head. I can’t tell anyone because they will think I’m doing it for the attention.

What’s happening to me!?!
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

For starters it sounds like your able to sense their energies of the spirits your able to see. As far as you and them being able to interact with one another I have yet to have that happen to me yet. As far as you knowing what your friends were talking about when you where nowhere around you might have telepathic abilities along with your psychic abilities as well. For now that's the only thing I can tell you along with make sure you do some more research and be very decisive about it because some of it is just out there to mess with people and there's some that is out there to actually help you get through this. Once you find all that you need to know I suggest the first thing you learn how to do is to control your gift, by basically learning how to tune all that negative energy out hopefully your able to get it all under control.
I wish you the best of luck in the future