Not All the Time!

I wouldn't say I was psychic, but I do have psychic experiences. As example, I will be thinking of a friend just before they call, or dream about something before it happens. I have been practicing my abilites by doing readings, which has been fun and I feel I am getting better.

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What books are you reading? I also find myself thinking of people before they call and have a lot of dreams that in part come true the next day.

lol... mine started out like that. Except for some experience mine had been that fun and interesting.

Thank you for creating this group <3

I have Deja' Vu alot! I also have physhic alility where things come to me in dreams. I had a dream there was going to be a tornado and told my mom we need to get out of this house ( we were at my grandpa's house who does not have a ba<x>sement) and she did not believe me, that was until a tornado came tearing down his trailor! She now believes me when i tell her these things. This happens often, and I believe that the dreams that I don't remember would be Deja' Vu.

This happens to me alot of the time purpleumbrella Its strange isnt it but very good hope you learn alot more :)

juliagulia, Thats because people fear what they don't understand! Deja Vu by some is considered psychic. Why ? Because it can also be like premenitional. You dreamed it then came the sense of D.V. Happening afterwards.. Make sense? So then don't tell them.. Just keep a Journal for your self and write them down like a dream log. <br />
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See Now alot of ppl I know that are psychic- Im hearing the same thing all over the place- sudden changes in ability. and always upward-- meaning evolving more so.. more ability in what they already had a few with new abilities. <br />
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Since I have last been on here- so a few weeks, I have seen many changes myself. I had my dreamscape for the first time that WAS NOT BAD!! It was great! I linked with my best friend who is in the military both of us asleep! I thought I was going totally crazy, Until I got an email telling me thanks for the help in the dream! And talking about the dream- exactly the same! It was great- and scary at the same time- cuz he is NOT in a good place.. And it was strange- I couldnt see what was going on BUT did I hear it yes. all the things going on around him.. It was so strange.<br />
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I have had Deja' Vu many times in my life, but much moreso when I was younger. My experiences usually involve dreams that I have that were actual experiences that have occurred to those close to me. Not really sure what that is all about as it is never premonition, but always after the fact. When I tell the people involved what I have dreamed, there is usually a very strong reaction from them that resembles fear. This reaction has sometimes kept me from telling others what I have dreamt about them.

have you ever known veja du? that feeling that something you experience has never happened before?

sassy help!! been there .. psy dreams! hate them.. they happen! :(( always bad news!.. never had a readign that was anywhere near right... although for some strange reason my horriblescopes on myspace have been close to accurate of late.. too freaky!

I have had deja vu a couple of times where I actually do remember a dream where the exact same thing happend, so I think that deja vu is usually where we have dreamed about something then it happens, but usually don't remember the actual dream. I hope that makes sense!

i think deja vu is annoying.

Thanks sis:o)

No worries pettle, I have had so many put their name down. I have a group here called I want to practice my psychic abilities. I can't promise I can get to give everyone a reading but I will promise I will get to do one for you!

Keep working on it. Happy for you to work on me:o)