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I get the weirdest sensations at times. At work when someone im friends with tells me something on them hurts i physically feel their pain. At first i just thought i was i was just being a sort of hypocondriac as i have been told i have been all of my life. For every ache and pain i felt the dr had no reasons so he said it was all in my head. But i also get feelings of peacefulness and love as well as anger and maliciousness. When people around me are angry i have to get away from them . I feel so drained if i stay to long and then i go home and unload all that anger on my family. When i hug my child my heart physically feels like it is so full its going to explode. And i feel oh so peaceful. When i kiss booboos i actually feel pain crossing my lips and my head feeling lightheaded. Ive called my daughter and asked if she is ok cuz i got an image of her holding her hand screaming. Two hours later she slammed her finger in a car door. When my husband and i's bodies are next to each other i feel a warmth all over and he grounds me no matter how enraged or sad or anyway i feel. I hold him and im put back to my normal state in mere seconds or minutes. Ive seen ghosts of those recently passed and felt spirits both physically touch me and spiritually being near. I seem to be able to sense intentions of others. We will meet someone new and i can tell you right away if there good or bad influences. Often times ill catch myself telling my husband " i told you they were bad news". This all seems to be able to be explained away and i have for years but im done trying to fit into everyones idea of normal and im ready to be the real me, even if im crazy !
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There is a stone called labradorite that I have found very useful, it helps protect against the negative emotions of other people. Wear it as a pendant on a necklace.

I went through what you are going through and I learned how to control it after some time. I didn't start out with empathy if I did it wasn't strong enough for me to notice. When I was around 24 it kicked in hard. My roommate also has this ability. For some reason people tend to find each other in theses circles I'm beginning to notice. Your local psychic shop should have information on crystals you can use to gain more control. It's simple just put it in your pocket or wear it as a necklace it will offer you a bit of a shield so you can learn how to control what you let inside. It's training wheels for the empathic. It also helps to try picturing fields of energy around people and your self this visual will help you with the general public. People with strong emotional ties with you although don't have a range limit on connecting with you. My mom could feel my sister's pain from Europe all the way here I'm the U.S. I wish you well on your journey seems like your on the right path embracing your gift.

If you ever need any advice at all give me a shout. if I don't know how to help I'll be honest about it and if I can help you I will.

Wow i wouldnt of thought of crystals for that ( not sure why. Duhh. ). Just a plain clear crystal or another type?

I was vague unfortunately because it's been 10 years and I don't remember. I had read up on crystals at the time and when I asked about them at the shop the shop keeper gave me the same answer I had come up with from books.

You might have over active empathy or just plain ol' uncontrolled empathy. You might be able to sense people's energies and aura's as well the same goes for the spirits you feel near you cause that's happened to me before and it freaked me out. Those two are the best things I have for you right now because i'm still trying to learn how to control my gifts as well cause something left unattended to can make life worse that it already is. If you want anymore information I could try and find some for you just to give you a head start on the type of research you might do if you decide to look up more information (I strongly recommend that you do and be very picky about it cause not everything out there is true). Other then that I wish you the best of luck