This has been happening to me more often. There was a time, when it was just starting and I was new to it. I decided a little after that to write out my "insights/revelations/gatherings". My proudest moment came shortly after I decided to write down my FIRST prediction from my "psychic insight ability". I was in my house relaxing when it happened. It came to me in the form of 'details' about an "event" that would soon take place within the usual time(2-3 days). I wrote down one major detail of what i gathered "psychically". I wrote it on a sticky note and put it in a ARMY SPECIAL FORCES information pamphlet that I had gotten when I was considering joining the army. The "insight" was simply the song title to a song that randomly came to me in the "FORM" that most psychic insights come to me if you know what i'm saying. The song was an old song I hadn't heard since childhood. Though I'm not much of a rap listener, the song was "Remix to ignition- by R Kelly". Now, after I wrote it down I put it in a dresser thing in my room. I waited and went on with my life expecting this song to come to me in the form of an "experience" and that when I saw it, I would know it is the fulfillment of the vision I got. So a few days later when I was in my kitchen, my brother was on the computer in the living room close by; they rooms are connected. He randomly started singing this song and I was amazed. I rushed into my room, opened the dresser, scrambled around for about a minute trying to find where I put the "insight" that I wrote down. Once I saw the army special forces pamphlet, I remembered that i wrote the "insight" and put it in in sticky note and placed it in the pamphlet so i would remember where it was later. So I got the sticky not, went to the living room, and showed my brother what I wrote days prior. He was amazed. I'm pretty sure I can harness this ability as long as I focus as my days go by. I've got many more stories that seem mind blowing, like getting crystal clear hd color visions/images while sitting in pure darkness. Or like telepathically communicating with my friends on LSD. Or like extreme deja vu. There's also this thing where I can "know" things about present situations or future events by means that seem "etheric" and also by means which involve a highly complex "connect the dot" game/process if u know what I mean. Basically, I am access to certain things which seem out of the ordinary. I wish to discuss these things further.
iekenta iekenta
Jan 19, 2013