Living With Psychic Experiences All My Life And Curious To Better Understand Them

First of all, I don't know what anyone could say to offer me the assistance or guidance I'm looking for, but I feel almost 'burdened' by these experiences in that they're disruptive for me. They are disruptive in the sense that I can almost 'hear' (or something more closely likened to 'sensing') people thinking about me, often times in conjunction with an emotional response, and this is often just before they reach out to me in whatever form, via the internet, phone, or in person, to relate these sentiments to me--which seems a certain kind of verification of my experiences. That's just the most normal manifestation of my so-called 'psychic' experiences. But there are plenty of others. Similarly, I can hear the the 'collective chatter', especially when there is something of national interest taking place (such as the Presidential inauguration only 3 days ago which woke me up out of my sleep. I was so compelled by the collective chatter that I decided to get up and turn on the TV, and managed to do so just as the president was walking out to take his oath. I wouldn't have watched it except that the entire country was watching it and that's all I could hear all morning.)

Similarly, I saw someone below talking about a strong electrical presence. I would have to second all the experiences that person has had. I cause electronics to short out, appliances to turn on and off, particularly when my emotions are more 'charged' than usual. I fear using or standing near other people's computers as in the past I've caused systems to crash and valuable data to be irreparably lost. I knew it was me at the time. I always know it's me because it always happens around me and often times coincidentally as I make some kind of movement, occasionally in the direction of the object. Another bizarre thing that happens is objects will shift the moment I look toward them. often times my gaze is fixed elsewhere. I may be deep in thought (as in fact these occurrences are more common when my attention is focused) with my eyes looking in a different direction, but then I will see that the object that shifted was directly in front of the the direction my face was pointing.

Probably the most momentous psychic experiences i have are my dreams. I have had many dreams clearly tied directly to outside events, staring the people and type of occurrence that is to happen or is simultaneously happening that same day. The dreams always take place on the day of the event and usually at the exact moment or the nearest time I'm asleep but usually take place the night before the day the occurrence is to happen rather than the night after (whether I would have gotten word of it the day of or not). The vast majority of these dreams center around none other than death. On occasion it's also been birth.. and a time or two, love, but 9 out of 10 times it's somebody's or many people's deaths. Several instances come to mind, the death of my grandparents, my first love, a friend of a friend (who I was getting close to at the time so the news impacted her deeply), the events of 9/11, and even an ancient catastrophic event that occurred at a spiritual place in Norway, oddly, where the dream occurred the night before I was to visit the site.

In each case the coincidences are uncanny. About 10 years ago, upon recognizing the irrefutable connection between these outside events and the dreams that I had clearly had in connection to them, I began a habit of contacting anybody I'd dreamed about if I had a sense that it was one of 'those' dreams. I will briefly recall the dream that I had about the spiritual place in Norway. I had this dream back in 1992 at the age of 8. It was my first such inexplicable psychic experience. In the dream this site was already in existence, it was the burial grounds of a Viking ship marked by several enormous stones in circular formation similar to Stonehenge on a cliff overlooking the ocean. there was a pathway to this burial site from what used to be a small village. In the dream I walked the pathway from the village to the burial site and became acquainted with the burial site which was explained to me in my dream as the burial site of the Viking ship. I visited the stones and the cliff and returned to the village. Shortly thereafter a terrible natural disaster decimated the village and all was lost. That was the end of the dream. The following day my parents and I took a trip to this exact site. I had no idea I would be visiting this site as my parents had not warned me in advance. They told me nothing about the Viking ship, but when we got to the place where the village was in my dream I began recognizing the landmarks. I recognized the path to the burial place and began telling my mom that I knew where we were and that we were going to see the Viking ship that was in my dream. My mother was stricken by my account, and couldn't deny the odd coincidence. I knew the meaning of the stones and the direction the ship was buried under the ground--all information I absorbed in the dream. I also found out later that supposedly there was a village there that was destroyed at some point in history.

Here's another one for you, although this intuition didn't come in the form of a dream. I was receiving this information while conscious. Actually, I HAVE had a psychic premonition centered around a car accident I was to have. I was dreadfully fearful for about 2 days leading up to the car accident that I was going to be victim of a terrible, possibly fatal car accident. I was away from my home at a farm I was helping out at and told my closest friends that I was having abnormal fears of this. When I would doze off to sleep I'd wake up with a start feeling like I was just in a car reeling out of control. I felt gripped by a cold fear I couldn't shake. The night the accident did happen I was SO SURE it was going to happen that I begged and even yelled at the driver to pull over and wait to drive until morning. I padded my window and door and the seat in front (I was in the back right passenger seat) with pillows and sleeping bags. I kept hitting the guy sitting in the front passenger seat in the back of the head to keep him from falling asleep, and worst of all, my best friend who was sitting next to me refused to put on her seat belt and I was yelling at her to put on her seat belt. I say 'yelling' because I was in fact very terrified and worked up. But my friend was in an extremely belligerent mood and refused to put on her seat belt saying I was losing it and she didn't want to. Shortly thereafter everyone in the car fell asleep (it was 5am) ... including the driver and we barreled off the freeway into a ditch filled with pine trees which we proceeded to graze. The car flipped 2 times, every window was crashed out, roof crashed in, all doors jammed, and surprisingly nobody died. I was the least injured. One person had to go to the hospital and my friend who didn't put on her seat belt now suffers from permanent spinal cord damage and has work disability. But I KNEW it was going to happen. 

Here's one more weird factor to add to it, about 6 years ago I began studying meditation with a spiritual group. In this meditation group we would practice sensing auras, reading people's illnesses, traveling into past lives--it was all really far-out-there kinds of stuff that you really must have an open mind to be able to embrace--well that or prior experience with such occurrences. We'd also practice healing the other members of the class, and projecting and/or directing our energy if you'd like. I didn't attend this group too often so my chances to work with the group were relatively few, but on 2 such occasions I was able to sense, read and cleanse the aura of the class member I was partnered with. In a case like this you just go with your intuition. You don't know for certain anything's happening, but you can kind of feel something and push something back with intention.. it's all very vague and preposterous sounding when typed out like this. But I had my partner each time come out of the experience and say she felt that my energy hit her from across the room when I was directed to work on her. She said she felt me very strongly, and that I must be a very powerful healer. I was only a novice so I was surprised by this, but honored, nonetheless. 

But when I do meditate regularly i find that my experiences intensify exponentially. I mean, meditation really blows the roof off of it, almost as though waking consciousness and the psychic realms just blossom into a fluid interrelationship. They're both always there. But this can be troublesome because sometimes i find that I learn more than I ever wanted to learn about people who I have emotional or mental ties to and I take on their world, when my own is challenge enough. So I've stopped meditation so my psychic world will become weaker again, even though i feel that it's at the detriment of my spiritual life.

In conclusion, it would be nice to be able to learn how to handle the information I receive and maybe learn how to control it? I'm not sure if that's even possible.
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OMG, I thought I was the only one! What a relief to read your post.

I have had the same problem with electrical things. For me it's watches. They always died within a week (and no, I wasn't getting them wet). I've solved this problem by having a collection of inexpensive watches, so I can rotate them daily.

I also have some sort of connection with what you called "collective chatter." when I first moved from a small town to a large city, during dreams I was aware of the millions of people in close proximity. Also, sleeping in highrise buildings has the same effect.

I don't understand your reference to visual shifting, but maybe you could elaborate in another post.

I get premonitions. I remember one time when I said out loud "oh no, not again" because it was the second premonition in a week. And "oh yes"' it did happen again. My most distant premonition was about ten years. And, like in your case, the premonition was extremely accurate and detailed.

You mentioned 9/11. Partially out of respect for the victims, and partly because I didn't want to end up at Guantanamo, I never told anyone that I was aware beforehand that something really bad was going to happen. I was awake from Sunday until Tuesday morning (9/11) and I was agitated. On Tuesday at 8:30 I started flipping frantically through the TV channels, wondering what I needed to see. Then the first plane hit. I should have pressed "record" on my VCR (for proof), but instead I sat frozen in horror until 10:00 a.m. I saw all the people who jumped, and I knew, I KNEW the buildings were coming down. What was I supposed to do---call the New York fire department and say "hi, this is Crazy McCrazy telling you to get out of the buildings"?

That brings up another point. As a psychic, you can be very vulnerable to trauma. It's like you are too open and receptive, so you don't have any defenses against emotional pain. It hits you like a 747 and it is already too late to close off your mind. Learn how to turn it off before you go too far in turning it on. For example, I don't usually make direct eye contact with people, or if I have to look, I focus on listening instead, so I don't "read" them. As you seem to have concluded already, it is a can of worms you don't want to deal with. But if you get a bad feeling about someone, don't hesitate Ito run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

Dreams. I had to keep a dream journal for a class once. I stopped after a few weeks because I was afraid I was going to break my brain with the visions I was having. Later, I had to reverse-engineer using a thesaurus to find a word to describe it---numinousity. It's like when you see people "quaking" at the sight of angels (in pictures). Rather than seeing a superficial image in my the dream, I would see an image that was densely packed with information, coming at me too fast. I actually "quaked". I suspect that when you read about the "burning bush" in the Bible, the bush is not actually on fire. Someone was trying to describe a numinous thing which they had experienced or seen.

For a month after the dream journal, my pineal gland (third eye) was so open that I could feel a halo around my head. Those pictures of angels with rings around their heads---those rings are not actually visible halos. It's more of an interpretation of what it feels like when your pineal gland is over-stimulated.

That brings up another point---the pineal gland. Way back in evolution, our predecessors were simple life forms that only needed to see light. Interestingly, this prehistoric version of the eye looked upward, which may explain why we think heaven is above us. Later on, the pineal gland became buried deep within the brain. Now it is blind to the physical world, but instead sees things which give rise to psychic perceptions.

I could tell you a hundred more stories, but this is enough for now. Learn to recognize the difference between "invalidation" (e.g. "you're crazy) and validation, which is what people on this board are giving you (e.g. you are not imaginary; psychics do exist). Learn to believe in (i.e. validate) yourself.

Oh, and don't break your brain.

Very interesting story, I have several of the same traits, though my dreams are of months, years in advance and on big scales only, though I see faces, places, and things, its only of what will be. I've done meditating by myself for past lives, which was incredible, I've gone to worlds far far away, I've gone beyond time and physical manifestation. I doubt greatly that it could be controlled, as the one time I tried I met with great and unfortunate consequences. At my third month of meditation I opened my Pineal gland, which is completely unheard of, most say impossible. I now know I wasn't ready for it, as my body ended up suffering with illnesses I still have, with senses I'd rather get rid of, with sights I wish I never saw. Now it's like floating in a dream world, I havn't seen a normal person in a long time, as when I look at people I only see dreams, their past, their future, their intents, thoughts, wants, likes, hates. I see through them, for I know what they are. I'd really like to talk more, maybe a message, cause by your stories you sound like one in tune with their purpose.