Presence Of Spirits

Today I was walking enjoying a very sunny warm day it felt so good outside and what made it better is that my energy was up as it should be. But today I was warm when I was outside and as I was walking all of a sudden I had a sudden chill I shiver my entire my body for a second. It was odd cause when I kept on walking I was back at my normal temperature that I was at before that, later that day I was walking somewhere else on my school's campus heading back to my dorm and there is always this spot when the temperature drops for a bit but it covers a certain range or at least that's what I walk through. Along with that I think it's moved from the previous spot it was in but it's located in the same area which is what really makes me curious cause I walk that way everyday and there might have been 1 or 2 times when I don't feel that temperature drop when I walk by. The only thing about this one is that I think it moves to and I don't know what i'm walking through or how many as well it's just strange cause I don't have an answer for it completely in my book.
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It is said when you walk past or threw a spirit/soul you will feel a chill. That would be my guess. A spirit/soul is nothing to fear but it might need your help to find peace. If its a light spirit/soul help it, if its a dark spirit/soul message me and I'll explain how to get rid of it. The most important thing is to not fear any spirit/soul

I don't fear them I just feel odd when they catch me off guard and when I get that chill out of the blue but I'm always on the move so anytime it happens its more of a quick "Hi and bye" thing but I'm gonna try to interact with them and see if they need my help or not.

Also what about the really big one that I've been feeling to? Do you think that there might be more than one cause that chill is like a temperature changer almost

I think it might be something that you should learn about shields before try to find it. I have put up a post about shields.