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Hello everyone, I'm sure most don't know me, I havn't been on here very long though I posted a few stories, a few comments. This is a long awaited attempt at something I've been building for almost a decade. Ever since I was little, flashes of things would go through my mind, it would be behind lines and lines of numbers, everything mixed of purples, blues, reds, whites, and all matter in between. I always knew instantly what was being told, as soon as it flashes through my mind I see whatever technology behind the numbers being built, the materials required, even some we don't have and how to make those as well.

I have finally found freedom, the express connectivity that comes with focusing the soul into an object, creating from two, one. I have found a way to do the same with many peoples, to unify thought and feeling so uniformly, that a million people becomes one with the influence of a million. A single thought can change the world, but a million, a billion thoughts could potentially change anything. I'm sincerely looking for people wanting to help in this endeavor, all you have to do is focus, I can otherwise tell you what will need to be done, and it can be done anywhere. the same energy of thought, is the energy in between us all, the permeating force which holds everything together.

I need at least 10 people for the base experiment, and I have a device here, with me, that will amplify that signal by creating it, all we need do, is link to it, and allow our minds to mold the world. Nothing is impossible, and once this is done, a massive burden will be lifted from me. Message me, or comment. Those who are sincere, thanks for looking into the next generation of technology, its the first step among a newly paved road.
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Your profile indicates that you are between 22 and 25. Are you in college? You should be. I remember being your age and thinking I had to do something really momentous, because I had been "chosen", or maybe my psychic gifts "belonged to the world".

At your age and as a psychic, you are vulnerable to mental confusion. By this, I mean you are on overdrive, and you feel urgency about your life's purpose, but it can lead you away from reality. What I read in your comments didn't make sense BUT when I read one of my college papers a few months ago (with an "A" and a request to publish), it didn't make sense either. I couldn't tell you now, anything about what I wrote then. In other words, right now you have a very souped-up brain. You could prepare papers filled with searing insights. You could also stop eating and sleeping. Number one rule: protect your brain.

When I was in college I had to learn about my "third eye" (pineal gland) in order to make sense of what was happening to me. What I did to get my "great ideas" out there, was kind of sneaky. I wrote my honors thesis on the topic of the brain as it relates to the mind. Because the paper was evenly distributed between hard science and my own "special" knowledge, no one was the wiser. The reviewers were amazed by my insightfulness, and they asked me how I had put the pieces of the puzzle together. I gave some vague answers.

I guess you would call this technique "flying under the radar". I am convinced that other well-known "geniuses" throughout history have used similar techniques to mine. If you know something that is not "knowable", dress it up in accepted knowledge and treat it like a conclusion to your research (rather than something you just "knew"). No one is the wiser (unless they are also psychic, in which case they will be on your side).

I hope I have given you some good ideas to work with. Again, if you're not in college, you should be.

thank you for the insight, as it stands I go almost a half week at a time without eating, not because I don't want to, just can't remember to, or the food tastes like sand and gravel. I'm not in college, I've long learned that school is useless in todays world, because it is only mis-educating the entire system into stupidity of what the real world runs upon. I have already started building this thing, have hundreds sunk into it, and the last piece will be done tomorrow.

I don't wish to fly under radar, I don't wish to be assimilated into this hell on earth, I'd much rather build what I've seen and leave these people to their fate. I've opened my third eye, all the chakras, and all the minor chakras, I'm a living tuner to a vibration most people don't know exist, as it stands I don't even see people, I see the souls what inhabit them. This work might destroy mind and body, but for the benefit of my soul and the people that use them, the information will be brought forward. Thanks again for the response, it makes a lot of sense.

Okay, I'll leave it at that. Since I've been on this board I'm beginning to see that I am more concerned about other psychics than about the world at large.

When I was in college I was like this bone dry sponge just soaking up knowledge. I read a lot of philosophy, history, literature and especially psychology, which was kind of a new science back then.

Once I even "met" B.F. Skinner, the "father" of modern psychology. He was giving a lecture at a building named after him. I say "met" because I was too shy to talk to him, so I sat in the front row after the lecture watching other people talking to him.

So, as people used to say when someone was too high--"mellow, mellow, just mellow out". There, that's better.

College isn't so much education as it is a community of really bright, creative and gregarious young people. If you don't want to go to college, you could just "hang out".

I hope your brain cools down. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

"Me" again (get it?...this board named me "me" so I just went with it). Okay, I went back and read your post again, more carefully this time. Sometimes it's hard to understand what people are trying to say on message boards. I say go for it. Even if it doesn't work, you'll probably get some new ideas.

Those "prayer circles" (that people have for friends in the hospital) have been proven to be ineffective. However, those groups were random selections of people, based on shared faith, rather than on psychic ability. Maybe this is a good meeting place/collection point for people who would make better subjects for a "group think" experiment.

I know that both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. invested a lot of time and money into studying psychic abilities, and didn't come up with anything useful. Again though, the people conducting the experiments were not psychic, so there's another error.

But, to this day, a few American universities have parapsychology (departments?). Also, there are private institutes that study parapsychology still. Everything is on the Internet now, so maybe you can look through some of their literature to get a more solid footing in research techniques.

I do hope you're okay. Take really good care of your mental health. You come first. Your project doesn't have to be done overnight. You probably have the next fifty years or so to develop your theory. But if you're psychic, you're sensitive. You need to be your own best friend. Take good care of you. As a psychic you don't have special gifts, but rather, you are a special gift.

I'm sure everyone on this board relates to your frustrations in one way or another. Presently, society offers absolutely nothing to its psychic members--not even simple acknowledgment. Keep visiting with the members here. This is a kind of community for you and me. Not a bad start.