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Mastery, The End Of A Journey

For a long time now, energy has been more then a thing to me, it has been a sense, a sound, and most of what I think about. Vibrations, magnetism, energy, and even trying here and there at anti-gravity, which I find difficult. I have delved into the pools of philosophy, and come back with more treasures then we as a species have ever been able to create. I've allowed myself to experience as many opposites as this world has to offer. Looking outward into the universe, trying to see if we are really all one, then having to look inward, to truly find the answers that looking outward had asked.

I've been meditating on and off for almost 5 years now, and within this time I've learned more then I could in a dozen lifetimes, gone places I long to return to, and seen things that would warp the mind almost to breaking. In this journey I've finally learned the balance that all psychic oriented peoples look to find, and finally by thought alone I can alter energy around me. I have shut down power in entire houses, fried electronics, and even moved metal objects though slightly. I feel like I've finally reached the end of my personal journey, the start of a journey for others. To teach, to bring them together, to change the old and bring what peace I can, to those who can believe in it.
blugsnorfia blugsnorfia 22-25 1 Response Jan 31, 2013

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The only time I intentionally "altered energy" was when I was a kid. My little sister had a coin bank where the coins rolled down this slide to be divided into different sizes. I would throw a strong thought at it and the coins would fall off the slide. Finally my sister hid her bank in her bedroom and said she didn't want to play that game anymore.<br />
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I don't know if "card luck" or "dice luck" has anything to do with psychokinesis, or if it is instead related to synchronicity (being at the right place at the right time). My sister had such ridulous card luck that every third hand she was dealt was a royal flush. I seemed to be more of a natural with dice games. The first time I played I beat about eight people who were playing with me. It felt like magic at the time (I mean it was really fun and a little spooky).<br />
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One time when I went to Las Vegas, I couldn't lose at 21 (card game). The pit boss began hovering and glaring at me. Guess what the casino management did---swear to God, they brought in a "cooler" (someone who can diminish the "luck" at the table). This new dealer looked at me like we were having a battle of wills. Then, the first hand he dealt, I lost. I walked away, because I knew the party was over. I wonder if casinos have to deal with this kind of "luck" on a regular basis.<br />
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I'm hearing a common theme on this board. People are getting really jacked up over psychic experiences. Careful not to "warp your mind", as you put it. I'm not sure people are physiologically designed for intense focus on the psychic world. <br />
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Do you feel a religious fervor about your psychic efforts? Maybe back away and let your brain cool down. I worry that some people are "chasing the dragon" (a drug reference), regarding their psychic abilities. This is probably how religions get started.<br />
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You should watch science programs on astrophysics. It really helps get things into perspective. You get a really good feeling about how expansive the universe is. It can also calm you down. You and I are just microscopic blips on the radar. It is comforting to know that. <br />
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I think that if psychic individuals were capable of bringing about great changes in human history, it would have happened already. For me, the more fun I have with being psychic, the less pressure it puts on me. So, you know---"don't worry: be happy". Good "luck".