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Madeline M

Madeline M

My First Real Paranormal Experience is the truth I never lies or pretending this is real Real Paranormal what I see and hear when I was home alone I was 22 years old from last year my brother had a basketball game I stay home with my 2 dogs name Truman & Monore I was looking all the doors even this windows it was 8:00 pm at night I forgot what day it was it happened so fast some reason my lower back was starting hurt so I turn around my right hand side I saw a little girl maybe 15 or 16 years old can ghost change there age when there dead ? She was walking front of me I was froze because I was scared she was looking all sad walking slow she was wearing a old fashion church clothes I look down her drily little feet she when I look up at her she had black eyes white skin she was wearing a pink pony tail I just realize that she had 2 abused marks around her neck that's was wried she disappears how she came in all the doors are lock even the windows that's was creepy ,, my seconded time when my sister just got back from Kansas I was using the guest bathroom my sister took my 2 dogs in the front yard so I'm in the bathroom I heard a little girl voice saying help help Help only 3 times I shout my sister name it stop so when I was done in the bath room I just saw my sister just coming back the front yard so I ask her hey did u yell help 2 times she say no she say why I say I swear to god that I heard a little girl say help she was at outside the hole time that was scary so couple of days went past when my sister left I was in my room cleaning & I went my own bathroom getting ready wash my hands um my lower back was starting hurting again so the bathroom was dark with no lights on so I turn my left hand side I saw Madeline standing behind me she was glowing with a blue light he hair was on the pony tail she was wear church clothes she was smiling at me and I always get froze when I saw her she was 9 years old so she disappears on me again so this time my parents went to Texas my older brother ask me he wants used my iPad so I go up stares and my lower back was starting hurt and I saw Madeline standing behind my door way with no face only her body was very wet her hair was down and wet her skin was dripping water and she was gone after that so next couple of days went past I draw her what she look like how I remember that that was scary and also I had a dream about this name just show in black letters its spell Madeline M . I do not know who that is so I'm guessing that's the girl what I saw in my kitchen so it was Tuesday mooring around 7:00 am my mom always have to leave that time go work so I hear the news i was very shock because there was a girl who was missing in 2007 in May 3 in London her name was Madeline McCann I was shock because its the same first name on my sketch book and when they show her photo on the tv I was super shock it's the same person in my sketch in my kitchen even my ghost dreams just let u know she's dead she not alive that's what she told me and I know why she had 2 abused marks around her neck this guy who took her he grab her neck that's y she had 2 abused marks around her neck and I believe this men kill her by doweling her the swimming pool maybe that's why she was yelling for help 3 times !!! I had that nightmare she know I have this gift who helps ghost !!!! I'm real psychic not Fake this is Real !!!!
LoveIsShadow LoveIsShadow 22-25, F 1 Response Feb 13, 2013

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WOW. What a gift!